Culinary Internship at Monastrell in Alicante

Authored By:

Matthew W.

Gastronomic Internship in Alicante Spain

    Upon arriving in Alicante I was offered the opportunity to study in the kitchen at Monastrell. This became the perfect opportunity to study spanish gastronomy first hand while being perfectly immersed in a spanish workplace. Monastrell is the premier restaurant in the city of Alicante boasting the only Michelin star. Their locally sourced mediteranean dishes are famous for the use of local flavors, especially saffron. I worked the line as a cook along with other interns from a culinary school in Mexico. 

    I have been very interested in the connection between environmental studies and gastronomy. Since both are very interdisciplinary fields this semester in Spain has been an amazing opportunity to explore both. My university of Alicante classes give me history and business of mediteranean gastronomy while this internship allows me to have hands on experience. One of the things that I am most excited about is the opportunity to take many of these ideas back to the kitchen in the United States. Monastrell has been kind enough to include me as an employee on par with everyone else. I am able to cook and participate the same as the rest of the chefs. Being fully immersed in the kitchen has allowed my vocabulary to grow as well as decrease the time that I spend around other Americans. Overall This experience has increased my culinary knowledge as well as being useful to practice the spanish language.