What To Pack Going Abroad

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Sofia S.

Wondering what to pack abroad? Here is what I think should be staples and tips and tricks for any abroad destination!

Obviously, look at what the weather is going to look like in your study abroad destination and pack accordingly, but here has been my experience. 

Going abroad in the Spring, around April especially in Spain/Sevilla it gets HOT, but in the winter it is cold so what I normally pack is:

12 pairs of undergarments 

10 socks

1 sweatpants

1 leggings

3-4 workout outfits

5-7 jeans/pants

1 jacket 

1 raincoat (Light!! if needed, honestly i never bring)

4-5 sweaters

5 shorts

5 tops

2 dresses

2 skirts

5 going out tops

1 workout shoes

3 everyday shoes

phone, laptop, chargers, converter

all toiletries (little ones) BUY STUFF THERE

Favorite makeup/skin care/ beauty stuff

gift for host family

medication needed for duration of trip (advil)

jewelry/accessories: scarves, gloves, hats,


make sure to bring a small purse or backpack for travelling around

I also like to pack a favorite trinket like a good luck charm, a poster i like, something small to remind me of home

All of this stuff you can also buy abroad


DO NOT OVER PACK - you will be buying soooo much abroad, pack light

I usually bring one carry on, a backpack, and a checked bag 

Make sure there is room in suitcase

Travel comfortably, my biggest mistake is over packing or not packing my suitcase right and having to carry a million things in the airport

Pack nicely, make sure everything fights

Weigh your bag before you leave, bag fees for overweight luggage is around $100