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Our goal is to help faculty and study abroad advisors plan and deliver rigorous, culturally rich, safe – and fun – programs that cover disciplines most relevant to students today. We offer many options to ensure a top-quality program that meets your academic requirements and provides a fully immersive and fascinating cultural experience for students. As you start to shape your program, consider the following:


Fields Of Study

We offer a broad range of options, allowing you to choose the academic discipline that aligns with your field of choice. And you can always talk with our expert team if you’re envisioning something that falls outside these options:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Business
  • Communications, Journalism and Media, Fine Arts
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science and Sustainability
  • International Relations and Political Science
  • Language and Culture
  • History and Culture
  • Public Health, International Development, Service-Learning

We help you create international faculty-led programs that fit easily into your academic calendar. J-term? Spring Break? Maymester or Summer? No problem.

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Art, Architecture & Design - Prague, Czech Republic

Because of its characteristic steeples, Prague is called the city of a thousand spires.

dublin ireland library ceiling

Literature - Ireland

Students travel from west to east across Ireland, studying the ways in which the Irish identity is both shaped and sustained through their rich literary heritage.


London Big Ben

Baseline To Bottom Line: Exploring The Global Business Of Sport In The Uk - London, England

This program takes place at CIEE London, located in the heart of the city overlooking...

Reichstag Dome in Berlin

Business - Berlin, Germany

As a result of reasonable living costs, excellent public transportation, and easy access to parks and playgrounds, Berlin...

Rainbow boat on the beach in Rabat

Entrepreneurship - Morocco

Students interact with a variety of entrepreneurs to learn about the different industries in Morocco (e.g. food/produce,leather tanneries, wineries).

Students standing in front of an art wall in Santiago, Chile

Entrepreneurship And Innovation - Santiago, Chile

The long and narrow country of Chile is nestled between the snow-capped Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.


Global Entrepreneurship - Dublin, Ireland

As fiddle music flows through the charming cobblestone streets, the 13th century stone...

Tokyo Tempe

Japanese Business, Technology, And Culture - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is absolutely unique, you have to experience it to believe it. While it is incredibly crowded, with a population of...

santiago chile student at beach

Physical Geography & Astronomy Tourism - Santiago, Chile

Travel south of the equator and experience a bouquet of major climates in one of South America’s most stable and prosperous countries.

amsterdam students by ivy building

Sustainable Business - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Idyllic Amsterdam with its quaint canals and storybook windmills is also one of the world’s most...


Health & Humanities


Culture - Monteverde, Costa Rica

Surrounded by the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica’s cloud forest, students explore the impact of both eco- and mass-tourism.

seoul insadong pavilion

Gender & Culture - Seoul, South Korea

Immersed in the culture of South Korea students explore the barriers to advancing women’s rights.

santiago dr girls in forest

Health Professions - Santiago, Dominican Republic

Students in the health professions are immersed in Dominican culture and the healthcare system.


History & Culture - Barcelona, Spain

Students from all majors immerse themselves in a cultural feast and discover history’s role in Barcelona’s unique character.


Identity Politics - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Idyllic Amsterdam with its quaint canals and storybook windmills is also one of the world’s most...

dublin sunset group with flag

Irish Culture And Identity - Dublin, Ireland

As fiddle music flows through the charming cobblestone streets, the 13th century stone...


tokyo students on dock by ocean

Japanese Culture - Tokyo, Japan

Students immerse themselves in traditional Japanese culture and explore the historical events that shaped modern Japan.

cape town aerial stadium coastline

Public Health - Cape Town, South Africa

Students discover the challenges of providing adequate healthcare in a society with vast socioeconomic inequalities.

Group of girls overlooking Prague skyline

Sports & Culture - Prague, Czech Republic

Students experience the beauty of Prague through a unique vantage point – the Vltava river!


holding butteryfly

Applied Tropical Biology - Monteverde, Costa Rica

Research and field work are the focus of this innovative program on tropical rainforest ecology and conservation.


Sustainability - Beijing, China

Explore China’s role in global-scale environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability issues, approaching these issues from both anthropological and artistic perspectives.

Copenhagen center student group in window

Sustainability And Clean Tech In The Nordics - Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital city of Copenhagen is known as an environmentally friendly city where cars share the streets with bicycle commuters.

What Students are Saying

  • The most memorable part of the trip was the Mount Gulaga walk and the aboriginal ceremony we were allowed to take part in. It was such a special cultural activity that I felt truly gave some insight into the connection to the land that the tribes share.

    Student participant, Towson University in Australia

  • My most memorable thing about my experience in this program would have to be the individuals that helped us and took us in as if we were citizens of Botswana. I do not think I will ever forget these people for they have made such a great impact on my life.

    Student participant, Jackson State University