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Placement Process

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Discover Our Internship Placement Process

CIEE works with each individual student on their way to a successful internship placement in their career field. When matching students with employers, we follow a proven process, whether the internship is in-person or virtual.

Pre-Placement Student Meetings

Each student on a custom internship program meets with CIEE staff in a 1-on-1 pre-placement meeting.

If the program is in-person, students connect with the local internship coordinator from the CIEE Study Center. Our experienced CIEE Global Internship team, based in Europe, works with students on virtual custom internship programs for global virtual opportunities.

Pre-placement meetings with students take place online. Students discuss their backgrounds and qualifications and share placement priorities and preferences. CIEE staff then target outreach efforts based on the conversation.

The Road Map

Throughout the placement process every effort is made to match each student to an appropriate internship in any one of our global cities based on the student’s skills, interests, and career aspirations. While students often have ambitious goals, we coach them to view placements as a starting point for new skill-acquisition, and as part of a “road map” for reaching their professional destination. 

Internship Placement

Based on information from the pre-placement meeting, our team matches each student to a potential internship site. Placements are based on factors such as student goals, workplace culture, and project needs. We work across our global cities from a database of thousands of employer contacts.

If an appropriate internship is not available through our existing contacts, the CIEE internship placement team will do vigorous outreach to generate new opportunities appropriate for each student. 

Once the match is made, an online interview is always required with the student’s direct supervisor at the internship site. Our team will coach the student on best practice and helpful tips for the interview.

Ongoing Internship Support

Our team is ready to support students throughout the internship experience, whether in-person or online. In addition to an orientation and ongoing support, a mid-term review is required to help identify potential challenges, goals and strategies for the remainder of the internship. 

End Of Program Evaluations

Upon completion of the placement, each host employer and student will complete evaluations to assess individual student performance and overall internship satisfaction.