Reflection and New Lens

Authored By:

Kameron W.

Reflecting on both my prior knowledge and the classroom setting, I developed and strengthened my beliefs when it comes to global health. Despite the keynote speakers, the Red Cross tour, and the demonstrators, one simple reading activity factored into my concerns about Global Health and mobilization. Hofstede's The Rules of the Social Game, allowed me to gain a new lens on the problems of Global Health. Though the mobilization of resources and awareness allows efficiency and efficacy, nothing can begin unless stable communication has a presence amongst groups. Analyzing simple human social psychology, Hofstede presents the idea of values and outgroup phenomena. These two factors may inhibit or facilitate the ease of global health. Unfortunately, I witness and experience the outgroup phenomenon. As an intern for Kaiser Permanente, I observed nurses and staff reject minorities in the E.R.  and ignore the pains of those who did not look like them. Of course, these cold actions will lead to learned helplessness in the patient, soon allowing the patient to reject health care altogether. Perhaps this is the reason why the outgroup fears and rejects healthcare, such as the case of Muslims with the Poliovirus vaccines in Pakistan. If the provider offers open arms, perhaps the patients will be willing to receive the care. Nevertheless, this requires a new set of values and cherish cultures of the in-group, the healthcare providers. To solve the communication stagnation, impartiality and concern will open the minds of those who need help. From there, my original lens of mobilization overlaps, allowing efficiency to spread in response to the communication.