Tina Rocchio

Tina Marisa Rocchio

Center Director
  • Locations
    • Florence, Italy


  • Tina grew up between the mountains of Vermont and the coastline of Rhode Island and has spent her adult life between Tuscany and Rome. Mastering Italian in high school, she traveled to Rome for a post-graduate year at St Stephen’s School. Tina then spent her sophomore year at the Università degli Studi Firenze and returned to Florence upon the early completion of her degree in Italian Studies and Comparative Literature. Tina was the Director of all Arcadia University programs in Italy for nearly 15 years before venturing into the World Food Programme of the United Nations, where she worked on workplace culture and educational programs for leaders. Dedicated to education of all kinds and at every level, Tina is a Trustee at St Stephen’s School in Rome – a community she stewarded through the pandemic as Assistant Head of School and “Covid Manager.” Following a sabbatical to pursue her M.A. at the University of East Anglia, Tina joins CIEE as the Director of CIEE Florence, where her vast knowledge of Italy in all its beauty and complexity comes to life.