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Health, Safety and Security

CIEE Global Navigator High School Summer Abroad

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The Safety of Our Participants is Our Highest Priority

Thousands of students travel safely with CIEE each year. With 75+ years of international exchange experience all over the globe, parents and guardians can rest assured their teen students will receive the support they require during their program.

Our Health, Safety and Security (HSS) team works year-round to assess and monitor risk in each one of our program locations, and our local CIEE staff in our international study centers have longstanding relationships with community leaders and locals who are committed to keeping participants safe.  

As part of program tuition, every high school summer abroad program includes international student travel insurance through iNext. 

Watch Our Health, Safety & Security Team Talk about Safety Standards on Program

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Preparing Students for Safety

Throughout our pre-departure process, we provide participants and their parents and guardians with our safety guidelines and study abroad safety tips. Once participants arrive at their program destination, they take part in a comprehensive on-site orientation where local CIEE staff go over:

  • Program rules
  • Cultural norms
  • Public transportation  
  • Local safety tips
  • Emergency contacts

Participants will encounter new experiences and a variety of situations while on program, but they are expected to follow all program rules and safety protocols. Breaking program rules could result in expulsion from program and an early return home. 

Safety Is a Collaborative Effort

Ensuring the wellbeing of our participants is something we accomplish together. 



Follow safety guidelines, remain in small groups at all times, and abstain from life-altering decisions and prohibited activities.

Local CIEE Staff, Program Leaders, and Host Families

Keep track of participants, chaperone their flights, make sure they are in a safe location, and get them medical care and support if something goes wrong.


CIEE U.S. Based Team

Monitor global security conditions 24/7 and contact parents and guardians in case of emergencies.

Parents and Guardians

Speak to their teens before program about expectations, safety guidelines, and communicating directly with CIEE.


CIEE Global Navigator high school summer abroad programs include medical and student travel insurance coverage through iNext to supplement a student’s primary medical coverage. While abroad, this policy covers: 

  • Accidents 
  • Illnesses 
  • Medical, political, or natural disasters evacuations 

If a participant gets sick on program or there’s a need for an evacuation due to a natural disaster or political unrest, iNext student travel insurance covers the costs.  

CIEE has a team of doctors associated with the insurance to review every medical case and make recommendations. The CIEE U.S. based team will contact parents and guardians to let them know how their student is doing, what the local CIEE staff is doing to help, and next steps. 

In extreme cases, a medical specialist nurse may accompany the participant home if they are leaving a program due to severe illness. As part of iNext student travel insurance, there are also provisions to fly parents and guardians abroad to the program location to be with their student depending on the gravity of the situation. 

How to Stay Informed

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Check Active Alerts

Check out a list of active safety alerts for all CIEE study abroad programs around the world. 


Receive Notifications

Sign up to receive RSS alerts via email, web browser, and/or push-notification on your phone or mobile device. 

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Call 24/7 Support

For safety questions or help, call the CIEE U.S. based emergency support phone number available at 1-866-583-0332 or send us an email at hsabroad@ciee.org