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Who Are Our Program Leaders?

CIEE Global Navigator High School Summer Abroad

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A Learning Bridge for Our Participants

CIEE Program Leaders play a critical role in our Global Navigator high school summer abroad programs. Highly energetic and passionate about the language or topic of their program, they are more than just chaperones. They are educators who connect classroom learning to the real world, ensuring summer abroad becomes an unforgettable learning adventure.

Who Do We Hire?

Two women with CIEE totes holding up their hands on a path in the Yucatan

U.S. High School Educators

Our Program Leaders understand teenage participant needs and are experts at resolving conflicts. They are trained in first aid and emergency response measures.

Program leaders and students posing by lake in Mardid

Language or Topic Area Experts

We fully train Program Leaders on our program curriculum to accompany participants in their learning. They receive additional training in experiential learning, group management, and more. 

Program leaders on the top of a mountain in Cape Town

Global Education Advocates

Program Leaders work closely with CIEE to promote global education and study abroad opportunities for high school students. They often lead programs for multiple summers. 

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Program Leader Spotlight



Cynthia S.

Hammonton, NJ
CIEE Program Leader for 8 Summers
Language & Culture Programs in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina

"I would encourage parents to give their teens a chance to broaden their horizons, gain cultural insights, while immersing themselves in a new culture and develop valuable life skills outside of the US. If their child is taking a second language in school, it would be beneficial for them to use what they learn in the classroom out in the real world. I have witnessed AP Spanish test scores increase dramatically for those students who have studied abroad."


Tommy H.

Santa Barbara, CA
CIEE Program Leader for 3 Summers
Business Program in Germany / Social Change Program in Ireland / STEM Program in Costa Rica

"Ever since my study abroad experience as a college student, I have understood the immense value of learning in a brand-new environment. Transporting your classroom abroad allows for every minute to turn into an educational experience, whether in a traditional lecture hall or interacting with locals at the grocery store. It’s all one big, wonderful adventure!"


Ami H.

Charlotte, NC
CIEE Program Leader for 7 Summers
Language & Culture Programs in France and Morocco / Leadership & Service Programs in Morocco

"I am a huge advocate for study abroad. I studied for a year in France while in college and it was truly the most profound transformative experience for me. It opened doors for me later in life that I wouldn't have had. I am so thankful that I was able to have that experience as a young person!"


Laurie P.

Detroit, MI
CIEE Program Leader for 4 Summers
Business Program in Ireland/Language & Culture Program in Argentina/Leadership & Service Program in Mexico / STEM Program in Australia 

“Working as a CIEE Program Leader is so rewarding because I get to witness students experiencing a new country and culture, often for the first time. I remember how much my first few trips abroad affected me and I'm so grateful I get to support students as they have these formative experiences.”


Tana T.

Colorado Springs, CO
CIEE Program Leader for 5 Summers
Language & Culture Programs in France 

“Travel will change your life. It is one of the most important experiences you can have. Growth happens when you walk in a different city, eat different foods, and meet people unlike yourself. I love meeting the new students each year. They all bring something to the program. Part of what I love is seeing them grow even through some of the struggles they face from being away from home.”

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