Is it you summer?

Authored By:

Marina T.

After grinding through winter and a not super warm spring, summer is finally around here. You can notice people getting out of their homes, walking around and enjoying the nature as well as what the city has to offer.

The 4th of July is a federal holiday in the United States and it is one of the most important dates of the year for Americans. It celebrates the declaration of Independence and it is a day that the everyone shows their patriotism. From what I understand, they normally celebrate cooking barbecue with friends and family and watching fireworks. I recently got into a relationship and got to spend the 4th with my boyfriend's family. It was great being immersed in American culture, since he is from here. We had a lovely dinner at their house located on a hill close to the city which offered spectacular views of fireworks throughout Portland.

A lot of other events can be found around the date too, like one that I went for a day called Waterfront Blues Festival. The name pretty much says it all, it is a music festival on a park near the main city river, Willamette. It lasted for four days, at an accessible price, and had great music, food, and drinks.

There is no better time for getting out there and meeting new people when city events are happening all around. Also I’ve been really into taking short trips around Oregon and exploring the great outdoors. Hope you can all enjoy what this awesome country and people have to offer.