Work & Travel USA Alumni Video Contest Semifinalist: "Inch" Ying-Chi

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In October, we asked our alumni to piece together their amazing Work & Travel USA experiences through video.  We were interested in learning more about what they took away from their time in the U.S. The response we received was outstanding and now we want to share it with you! 

Below you can read about one of our Work & Travel USA Alum Video Contest finalists, Inch! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to watch Inch's video entry!

By Ying-Chi, CIEE Work & Travel USA 2018 participant

My name is Ying-Chi, from Taiwan. I like to call myself “Inch”, which sounds like my name and is weird enough to be remembered. :)  It was one of the most memorable summers that I participated in the Work & Travel USA program. It made me fearless to the challenges. I crossed the Pacific Ocean by myself, I enjoyed the culture, and embraced the experiences there. I found we all applied to this program to broaden our horizon and it brought us an unforgettable experience with no regrets. Though the process might not always be smooth - for instance, you need to be responsible for yourself and you might need to negotiate with roommates and coworkers who had a different aspect of you - all these challenges made me stronger and more modest to the world. Moreover, I made lots of friends from different countries during the program. I learned some Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Romanian, etc. We also had a party to share our own cuisines and culture with each other.  I hope I have chance to go their countries to visit them! It's hard to share all the exciting things within three mins, so I made a short trailer version of my summertime journey.  To sum it up, it was all made by work, experience, travel, and memories!  

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