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If you’re studying psychology or you’re passionate about the field, consider studying abroad to learn all about this fascinating discipline from another country’s perspective.  

Below we’ve listed some of our top study abroad programs around the world that include psychology courses and even offer some programs that center around the subject. Take note of your favorites to get started on an unforgettable psychology study abroad adventure

How to Study Psychology Abroad   

Studying psychology abroad isn’t complicated, especially with CIEE. We break down our programs in a variety of different ways, including by fields of study, so students like YOU can easily search for and find study abroad programs that align best with your academic and career goals.  

To ensure the program you choose keeps you on track for graduation, it’s best to speak with an academic or study abroad advisor on your campus to guarantee you’re on the right path. We’re always available to answer questions too!  

Let’s dig into CIEE’s five best psychology study abroad programs to help you with your decision. And be forewarned, there are a lot of awesome programs, so picking one you like the most might be the biggest challenge of all!  

Location #1: Czech Republic  

The Czech Republic is an incredible country known for its exciting festivals, rich history and tradition, fascinating architecture, art scene, and vibrant nightlife. You’ll never run out of things to do during a study abroad journey in the Czech Republic.   

This exciting country is also a mainstay figure in the psychology field, as one of the discipline’s most infamous contributors, Sigmund Freud, is from Moravia, located in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic. It’s no wonder why so many students flock to the Czech Republic to study psychology! 

prague czech republic downtown building sunset

Featured Program: Summer Psychology (Prague) 

Our Summer Psychology program takes place in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, also known as the “City of a Hundred Spires.” 

You’ll have the chance to take unique courses that dive deep into all sorts of psychology courses including neuroscience, social psychology, psychoanalysis art techniques, and the psychology of transition and transformation.  

Program Details:  

  • Length: Four weeks 
  • Credit: 3-4 per session semester hours/4.5-6 per session quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA  
  • Featured Psychology Course: Psychology of Transition and Transformation  
  • Excursion Highlight: Visit Bohemian Paradise, a fascinating site with sandstone rock formations and castles 

Location #2: France  

France attracts millions of people from all over the world each year. And for good reason! This renowned county has a captivating history and culture, some of the globe’s most iconic attractions and landmarks, beautiful topography, remarkable cuisine, and a diverse landscape. Studying abroad in France guarantees an experience of a lifetime.  

france eiffel tower students

Featured Program: Liberal Arts (Rennes)  

Rennes is a celebratory city in France known for its wonderful small-town feel and exciting cultural events and traditions.  

With our Liberal Arts program in Rennes, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses, including psychology classes, at Centre International Rennais d’Etudes de Français pour Etrangers (CIREFE), an enriching international school, or Université Rennes, a French school that offers a unique perspective into all-things-French.   

Program Details:  

  • Length: 18 weeks 
  • Credit: 14-18 semester hours/21-27 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Featured Psychology Course: Cognitive Psychology at Université Rennes  
  • Excursion Highlight: Partake in an overnight excursion to other French locations including Paris, South of Brittany, Normandy, or Loire Valley  

Studying abroad in Spain means studying abroad in a lively country with some of the best food, music, dancing, and nightlife in the world! You’ll get to learn all about amazing Spanish culture, see some of the most beautiful coastal spots, and do tons more. A study abroad in Spain is an exciting experience.  

spain side street madrid

Featured Program: Psychology & Health Science (Seville)  

Located in southern Spain, Seville is known for its cultural traditions and celebrations, including flamenco dancing and incredible Spanish cuisine, as well as its historic architecture.  

With our Psychology & Health Sciences program, you’ll get to learn more about psychology from a Spanish perspective and study at some pretty cool universities including CIEE Seville or one of our two partner institutions: Cursos Concertados Department at Universidad de Sevilla or the Centro de Estudios Universitarios School of Communications. This psychology study abroad program is a great option for psychology majors and others.  

Program Details: 

  • Length: 14 weeks 
  • Credit: 12-15 semester hours/18-22.5 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Featured Psychology Course: Group Psychology at the University of Seville 
  • Excursion Highlight: Kayak the Guadalquivir River or hike in the Sierra Norte 

Location #4: Denmark 

Denmark’s fascinating culture, art scene, food and drink tours, historical attractions, and sustainability efforts make for a unique study abroad experience. Plus, as one of the happiest countries in the world, we could all learn a thing or two from this intriguing country.   

copenhagen denmark canal houses

Featured Program: January in Copenhagen  

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is a cool urban city with plenty of attractions and activities. You’ll get to learn all about the city’s eco-friendly practices, and beautiful natural landscapes, experience the Danish hygge (a cultural sensation throughout the country), and tons more.  

Plus, with our January in Copenhagen program, you’ll get to take unique courses all about Denmark’s happiness rankings and hygge, which will offer insight into the field of psychology.  

Program Details: 

  • Length: Three weeks 
  • Credit: 3 semester hours/4.5 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Featured Psychology Course: The Study of Scandinavian Happiness  
  • Excursion Highlight: Visit the National Museum of Denmark  

Location 5: Botswana  

Botswana guarantees an incredible adventure. Located in southern Africa, this country is known for its breathtaking national parks and reserves, unbelievable wildlife (including the largest population of elephants in the continent), fascinating Tswana culture, and an understanding of African literature, business, economics, public health, and more.  

botswana giraffe

Featured Program: Arts + Sciences (Gaborone)  

Gaborone is the capital of Botswana and serves as the economic, political, and cultural center of the country. With our Arts + Sciences program, you’ll get to choose from a wide range of courses, including those on psychology, and gain insight in the field from an African perspective. This is one interesting psychology study abroad option you won’t want to miss.  

Program Details:  

  • Length: 18 weeks 
  • Credit: 15-17 semester hours/22.5-.25.5 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.75 Overall GPA 
  • Featured Psychology Course: Intercultural Communication and Leadership  
  • Excursion Highlight: Travel to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary  

Get on Your Way 

You don’t need to sacrifice your interest in the psychology field when you go on a study abroad program with CIEE. With our many psychology study abroad options, you can explore the world and pursue your academic passions at the same time. Talk about a win-win!