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Study Abroad in Asia or the Pacific

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Dive into Asia or the Pacific and find yourself half-way across the world.

Diverse wildlife. Ancient cultures. Widely-spoken languages. Although it's almost half-way around the world, The Far East is getting considerably closer through exciting and challenging study abroad programs in Asia and the Pacific.

Whether you want to study Korean language in South Korea, intern with an international business in Singapore, or work in a marine laboratory in Australia, CIEE brings you 30+ study abroad and global internship programs across Southeast Asia and the Pacific that perfectly suit your needs and abilities. Consider diving deep into Japanese society, exploring Taiwan's unique history, living with a host family in China, or even immersing yourself in Maori culture in New Zealand. No matter where you decide to go, CIEE Study Abroad in Asia and the Pacific allows you to learn what you want, wherever you want.

How to Study Abroad in Asia or the Pacific

With homestay options, volunteer opportunities, and cultural excursions, CIEE offers you a fully immersive study abroad experience on the world's largest continent and the Pacific region. So come explore Asia and the Pacific with CIEE by starting an application today! – Really, it’s closer than you think.

New in 2025

Auckland, New Zealand 
Summer Global Internship (summer 2025)
Summer in Auckland (summer 2025)
Arts + Sciences (fall 2025)
Semester in Auckland (fall 2025)
Open Campus Block (spring 2026)

Melbourne, Australia 
Summer in Melbourne (summer 2025)
Summer Global Internship (summer 2025)
Arts + Sciences (fall 2025)
Semester in Melbourne (fall 2025)

Sydney, Australia 
Arts + Sciences (spring 2025)
Semester in Sydney (spring 2025)

Seoul, South Korea
Arts + Sciences (spring 2025) 
Semester in Seoul (spring 2025)
Summer in Seoul (summer 2025)

Shanghai, China 
Semester in Shanghai (spring 2025)

Semester in Singapore (spring 2025)
Summer in Singapore (summer 2025)

Taipei, Taiwan
Summer Global Internship (summer 2025)

Kyoto, Japan 
Semester in Kyoto (fall 2025)

Tokyo, Japan
Semester in Tokyo (fall 2025)

Countries to Study Abroad in Asia or the Pacific

sydney australia skyline at sunset


Explore the outback, a coral reef, and study health sciences or art on your dream program in Australia.

great wall of china clear day


Learn more about China through a variety of courses, cultural excursions, and student trips across the country.

red temple in japan fall seasons


Study Japanese language abroad and learn more about the traditional and ultra-modern country of Japan. 

auckland harbor skyline

New Zealand

Discover New Zealand's majestic mountains, pristine beaches, and rich Maori culture through diverse academic programs and remarkable excursions.

temple in seoul south korea

South Korea

Learn Korean abroad while completing business, language, and culture courses in South Korea.

singapore traditional temple at night


What once was a tiny fishing village has become a beautiful island nation with so much to offer. 

downtown taipei tallest building clear day


Study communications, business, politics, and more, all while improving your Chinese language skills and learning more about this culture.

Questions about Asia Study Abroad

Put simply, yes! You can study abroad in Asia with CIEE by completing the following steps:

  1. Search our study abroad programs in Asia and pick your favorite
  2. Connect with your campus study abroad office
  3. Start your study abroad application 

Choosing the best country to study abroad in Asia is entirely subjective, but we can offer the top countries to study in the Asia-Pacific region:

  1. Australia
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Singapore
  5. South Korea
  6. Taiwan 

CIEE offers Asia study abroad scholarships and grants across three categories:

  • Need-based scholarships: Funding based on students’ Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and enrolled institution.
  • Merit-based scholarships: Funding based on a student’s academic achievement.  
  • Other scholarships: Other awards based on program or alumni status.

Popular Asia study abroad scholarships specifically at CIEE include the GILMAN Go Global Grant, GAIN Travel Grant, Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship, and more! Scholarship amounts can range from  $500 off your program cost to $2,500 or more! 

If you’re wondering what to pack for study abroad in Asia, we’ve got you covered. Check out these must-pack items for studying abroad in Asia:

  • Passport and Visa (with photocopies just in case)
  • Power Adapters and Converters
  • Prescription Medicine
  • Currency
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • And more!

Read the entire list here: The Ultimate Guide to Your Study Abroad Packing List (10 Essential Items!) 

If you're wondering whether you should study abroad in Europe or Asia, you should consider the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Academic interests
  • Cultural differences
  • The climate
  • Cuisine
  • & more!

Read more: Where Should I Study Abroad: 7 Tips to Help You Decide

The cheapest country in Asia to study abroad varies depending on the specific program that you choose and how long you plan to study abroad for. For detailed cost information, we recommend researching each individual Asia study abroad program page.

For costs not included in your program’s outlined fees, it’s important to consider factors surrounding your individual journey while abroad.  

Read more: How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad?