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Spring Semester Programs

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Spring into Study Abroad!

Ready to see the world? Study abroad with CIEE on one of our spring semester programs where you can try authentic cuisine, make new friends (from a whole different culture!), and take spring courses you can’t get at home.  

With more than 100 programs in 40+ amazing cities around the world, you have endless opportunities to live your dreams through study abroad this spring.

Whether you want to study art in Florence, sustainability in Monteverde, or business in Edinburgh, our spring programs offer something every student can enjoy.

Make this spring study abroad the experience of a lifetime!

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Questions About Spring Study Abroad

Whether or not you should study abroad in the spring depends on several factors, including your course schedule, weather in your program location, cultural activities and holidays, and more. When deciding when you should study abroad, you should: 

  • Consider your academic schedule 
  • Think about the location you want to be in 
  • Ensure your desired program and academic topics are covered in your program (e.g. when are specialty programs offered?) 
  • Consider what season and weather you prefer 

The items you pack for study abroad depend on several factors, including where you’re studying, when you’re studying, and what items are essential to you. In general, we recommend that you pack the following essentials: 

  • Passport and Requisite Visa 
  • Power Adapters 
  • Currency 
  • Medications 
  • Comfortable shoes 

For a more detailed packing list, check out our article: The Ultimate Guide to Your Study Abroad Packing List (10 Essential Items!) 

At CIEE, the spring 2025 study abroad application deadline varies based on the specific program you choose. Spring ‘25 deadlines are as follows: 

  • September 15 
  • October 1 
  • October 15 
  • November 1

Check out CIEE’s Spring Semester Program Deadlines

Yes, there are spring study abroad scholarships available to you through CIEE. Scholarship and grant options for spring study abroad programs include but aren't limited to: 

Explore all CIEE Scholarship and Grants options. 

There are equal pros and cons for spring study abroad and fall study abroad. Truly, neither time of year is better than the other. All that matters is selecting the best term for YOU. Be sure to consider what to expect from both seasons to make the best decision for your personal preferences, academic and professional goals, and more. 

Consider these key details to make your decision: 

  • Review your institution’s schedule. Is your school on a semester calendar or part of the quarter system? Are there specific courses you can only take during certain semesters/quarters back home? This information can help you plan the right season to go abroad. 
  • Check your graduation requirements. Depending on your major and projected graduation date, it might suit you to study in the fall versus the spring (or vice versa). Review any/all requirements to confirm. 
  • Consider your campus life back home. If you go abroad in the spring, will you miss out on special school events? How about during the fall? Answering this will help you determine the right time of year to go abroad. 
  • Take stock of your personal seasonal preferences. Things like holidays, weather/climate, what time of year is your favorite back home, etc. can all help you determine the right fit for you. 
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Spring Scholarships & Deadlines

CIEE offers scholarships and grants for spring study abroad programs to students with demonstrated financial need, proven academic merit, and for specific CIEE programs. Students can apply for scholarships through 3 simple steps:

  1. Search for and apply to your dream program 
  2. Review all available funding opportunities 
  3. Complete the Scholarship & Grants portion of your application  

Don't forget to double check the spring program deadlines.