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Passionate about ancient history, a diverse culture, modern advancements, and incredible natural landscapes? Then a study abroad adventure in Japan is the perfect opportunity for you.  

Read on as we list seven of our best Japan study abroad programs – you won’t want to miss it!  

Why Study Abroad in Japan  

Japan is an incredible country. Known for its intriguing mix of old and new, there’s much to discover during a Japan study abroad trip.  

With CIEE, you’ll have the chance to not only explore Japan but also take some pretty incredible courses that dive deep into a variety of subjects. This is one experience you’ll be reminiscing on for a lifetime.  

The Top 7 Best Japan Study Abroad Programs  

CIEE currently offers seven amazing study abroad programs in Japan – take note of the program details here to decide which program makes the most sense for your personal and academic goals as well as your schedule. We have a diverse mix of offerings, so you have the freedom to choose! 

Program #1: Ancient + Modern Japan (Kyoto)  

If you’re interested in learning new languages and exploring culture and history, look no further than our Ancient + Modern Japan program in the city of Kyoto 

As one of the oldest cities in the world and the former capital of Japan, Kyoto is known as the cultural hub of Japan. Here, you’ll gain a unique insight into its ancient history, tradition, religion, and more while simultaneously learning about the city’s present-day culture. This is a truly diverse and rewarding study abroad program.  

And, with CIEE, you’ll have the chance to select from a wide range of courses, as well as go on guided cultural excursions to places like the Kyoto Imperial Palace grounds and the iconic Nishiki Market! 

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Program #2: Arts + Sciences (Tokyo) 

Our varied Arts + Sciences program takes place in the bustling capital of Japan, Tokyo, with a variety of course options from art, history, and philosophy to business, economics, and STEM classes. So, you’ll have the chance to study just about anything with this Japan study abroad program. And doing it in one of the busiest and liveliest cities in the world is a huge plus.  

With CIEE, you’ll get to go on exciting excursions to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and the Tokyo Skytree and study alongside tons of other international students at Sophia University, one of Japan’s leading institutions. 

Program details:  

  • Length: 18 weeks 
  • Credit: 15-16 semester hours /22.5-24 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.75 Overall GPA 
  • Cost: $26,950 

Program #3: Open Campus Block (Kyoto)  

Build your own study abroad program in Japan in one of the most well-preserved historical cities in the world, Kyoto, with our Open Campus Block option. You’ll have the chance to choose one, two, or up to three consecutive six-week block sessions and take courses that fit your academic interests like language, technology, and more.  

Plus, with CIEE you’ll get to go on exciting excursions to places like the Ryoanji Garden and try Kyoto’s iconic Uji green tea.  

Program details:  

  • Length: Six to 18 weeks 
  • Credit: 6-7 per Block semester hours/9-10.5 per Block quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Cost: $6,950 per Block 

Program #4: Summer Global Internship (Tokyo)  

Gain practical real-world work experience with our Summer Global Internship program in Tokyo. You’ll get to work alongside professionals in an industry you’re passionate about, gain intercultural skills, and develop a global network – this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss.  

As one of the most innovative and dynamic cities in the world, you’ll get to learn all about Tokyo’s modern business practices. Bonus: This city serves as the headquarters for some of the top brands in the world, including Sony, Toyota Motor, and Honda.  

Program details:  

  • Length: Eight weeks 
  • Credit: 6 semester hours/9 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Cost: $6,950  
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Program #5: Summer Japanese Studies (Tokyo)  

Spend part of your summer in the lively city of Tokyo! With our Summer Japanese Studies program, you’ll have the chance to dive deep into Japanese art, history, and culture while also gaining insight into modern-day Japan with courses like Modernizing Ancient Japan, Japanese Popular Culture, and Religion in Japan.  

As with all of our Japan study abroad programs, you’ll get to go on fascinating cultural excursions to a Japanese baseball game and trips outside of Tokyo to Akihabara and Shibuya where you’ll get a firsthand look into the core of manga and anime as well as boundless shopping opportunities.  

Program details: 

  • Length: Six weeks 
  • Credit: 6 semester hours/9 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Cost: $8,650 

Program #6: Summer Ancient + Modern Japan (Kyoto) 

If you’re looking for a summer adventure, consider our Summer Ancient + Modern Japan in beautiful Kyoto.  

While the city is known for its cultural traditions, Kyoto is also a fascinating modern metropolis, featuring companies like Nintendo and Q-Games. With our Summer Ancient + Modern Japan study abroad program, you’ll get to learn both sides of this incredible city.  

Program details: 

  • Length: Six weeks 
  • Credit: 6-7 per Block semester hours/9-10.5 per Block quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Cost: $6,650 

Program #7: January in Kyoto 

If you’re interested in a short-term study abroad program in Japan, consider our January in Kyoto option. Known for its many temples, teahouses, beautiful natural landscapes, and more, Kyoto is the perfect place to get an authentic taste of Japanese culture.  

Program details: 

  • Length: Three weeks 
  • Credit: 3 semester hours/4.5 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Cost: $3,950 
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How to Study Abroad in Japan  

The steps to enroll in a Japan study abroad program are simple!  

Step #1: Choose Where You Want to Go  

The first step to your Japan study abroad program is deciding which incredible city you want to go to, Kyoto or Tokyo. While the two locations are different, they both promise to be exciting adventures.  

Step #2: Pick Your Dream Program 

Once you’ve decided between Kyoto and Tokyo (we know it’s a tough choice), you’ll need to explore our different study abroad program offerings in each city to find one that really speaks to you.  

And we offer several in both Kyoto and Tokyo, so take a close look and make sure your program of choice aligns with your personal and academic goals. 

Step #3: Explore Scholarship Options 

We get it. The cost of a study abroad trip might be overwhelming, but with CIEE, our one-time program fee covers most expenses including:  

  • Tuition 
  • Housing 
  • Pre-departure advising  
  • Orientation 
  • On-site staff and 24/7 emergency support 
  • Culture and co-curricular activities 
  • Travel protection  

We also offer millions in scholarships and grants each year to make studying abroad a reality for as many students as we can. Check out our How to Apply For a Scholarship page to see what type of financial aid you might be eligible for. We’re always available for questions too.  

Step #4: Start and Complete Your Application 

The last step to your dream Japan study abroad program is the easiest one: Applying! Our How to Apply page walks you through each of the application steps. We’re happy to help too. 

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Get on Your Way 

A Japanese study abroad adventure is calling! Ready to take the next step and make your dreams come true?