Alicante: city of destination

Authored By:

Laura Cremades

As Alicante has always had a port, it has received people from other cultures since ancient times.

Nowadays, there are easier ways to come here and many foreigners visit our country for tourism or to study our language. However, there are also many people that come to live with us. This is why you can see many different restaurants that offer food of distinct places in the world. We can see Chinese or Asian restaurants, European restaurants, Mexican restaurants...  There are also fantastic places to try 'tapas' or 'paella', which are our most famous dishes, of course! But if you fancy to try something different, going to one of these restaurants is a comfy way of trying food of other countries whitout leaving Alicante. 

Today I am going to introduce the restaurant called 'TK Arabesco', which offers us the chance to try Middle Eastern food. The restaurant is divided in two parts: the dining area and a tea room. One you have had dinner, you can have a glass of tea and a little Arabic pastry, which are really nice,

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The food is also delicious. Please, don't leave without trying one of their starters and also their special dishes, like couscous. Absolutely recommended!

Google link to find the place:,-0.4919512,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe5382475a7e67af8!8m2!3d38.3460532!4d-0.4919512