CIEE Tallinn's First Overnight Trip to Helsinki

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CIEE Tallinn

Greetings from CIEE Tallinn! 

This weekend we had our first overnight trip to the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland. Packed with cultural discoveries, delicious cuisine, and unforgettable experiences, our journey across the Baltic Sea was nothing short of magical.

Exploring Helsinki's Highlights

Our exploration of Helsinki began with a deep dive into its rich culture and history. From the iconic Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square to the historic Government Palace, the University of Helsinki, and the bustling Market Square, our students absorbed the essence of modern Helsinki. Aleksi Street and Espa added a touch of charm to our adventure, showcasing the unique architecture and vibrant life of the city. The journey concluded at the Central Train Station and the world-renowned Central Library – a library with endless possibilities. 

Experiencing Finnish Culinary 

After a day filled with exploration, we indulged in a cozy dinner at Lappi Restaurant, where students had the opportunity to savor authentic Lappish cuisine. The menu featured delightful dishes such as farm cheese salad, vegetable-barley risotto, and delectable pancakes for dessert – all crafted with pure and fresh Finnish ingredients.

Sauna and Baltic Sea Plunge

Some adventurous souls among our group experienced the Finnish tradition of sauna bathing, followed by a refreshing plunge into the icy waters of the Baltic Sea. This invigorating experience allowed our students to immerse themselves in the local culture and truly connect with the Finnish way of life.

A Scenic Voyage: The Ferry Ride on Tallink 

The journey back to Tallinn was just as remarkable as the destination itself. Traveling on the Tallink Mystar and Megastar ships, our students enjoyed a relaxing cruise complete with incredible buffets, shopping, and breathtaking views. A highlight of the journey back to Tallinn was an exclusive private tour of the ship's bridge, where the chief officer personally guided our students through the operational heart of the vessel.

Stay tuned for more exciting journeys of CIEE Tallinn!