Fall Study Abroad: The Ultimate Guide

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Choosing the perfect season for your study abroad adventure can feel like trying to pick the tastiest treat in a global candy store. From J-Term to summer to spring to fall, CIEE hosts programs year-round. This blog post will guide you through the process and benefits of studying abroad in the fall. Let’s dig in! 

Is it Better to Study Abroad in Fall or Spring? 

Ultimately, the decision between a fall study abroad program and spring will depend on personal preferences and academic constraints. For some, the fall semester might provide more wiggle room for study abroad, while for others, the spring term might align better with their academic plan. 

Try to imagine yourself abroad during both seasons. Begin by picturing yourself strolling down a scenic European street as the leaves change from green to red, orange, yellow, and brown. Next, envision celebrating the onset of spring with blooming flowers in a vibrant Asian metropolis. Which sounds better? 

It's essential to remember there's no one-size-fits-all answer to the question “is it better to study abroad in fall or spring?” Some students find the allure of fall festivities overseas impossible to resist, while others might dream of welcoming spring in a foreign land. It's all about finding the perfect fit for YOU. So, whether you favor fall or spring, keep an open mind and consider how each season aligns with your major, academic requirements, the availability of your favorite program, and any on-campus events you might have to miss out on back home. 

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Why Study Abroad in Fall? 

Ever wonder what it would be like to savor a warm pumpkin spice latte in a quaint Parisian café as the leaves are turning auburn? Or maybe experience the thrill of celebrating Oktoberfest in the heart of Germany? Choosing to study abroad in the fall can give you just that and so much more!  

In many countries, the academic year commences in the fall, making it a prime time to blend in with the crowd and dive headfirst into a vibrant campus life brimming with fresh energy. You'll get to partake in exciting fall traditions – imagine celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving in an entirely new cultural context, giving these familiar holidays an exciting twist! 

Studying abroad during fall also has a unique strategic advantage – you'll be back in your home country in time for the spring semester. This ensures you stay in sync with the rhythm of your home university, whether it be class schedules, extracurricular activities, or reconnecting with your friends who might have missed you terribly during your global escapade. Another significant advantage? You're home in time to seize valuable summer internships or job opportunities that are crucial for your career growth.  

In a nutshell, embarking on a fall study abroad journey can offer an eclectic mix of cultural immersion, academic enrichment, and strategic benefits that align perfectly with your academic year at home. It's like having your pumpkin pie and eating it too! So, pack your bags, grab your passport, and get ready to fall in love with the world during the most beautiful season of the year. 

Why Study Abroad in Spring? 

Springtime has its own unique allure for those considering studying abroad. Perhaps you're captivated by the thought of shaking off winter's chill and embracing the blossoming beauty of a foreign land. Could there be anything more magical than watching cherry blossoms flutter in the breeze in Japan?  

If your academic schedule leans towards flexibility during the spring semester, this could be your golden opportunity. The locations you're contemplating might also be at their enchanting best during this season, adding an extra dash of charm to your study abroad experience.  

From immersing yourself in new cultures to reveling in spring festivals around the world, the spring semester can serve up a potpourri of unique experiences. You might even find the milder weather makes exploring your new surroundings a delight, making every day feel like a new adventure. 

Remember, every season brings its unique set of experiences and opportunities. Spring study abroad programs can be every bit as rewarding and enriching as their fall counterparts. The key is to identify what works best for you and your academic goals. So, if the allure of springtime in a foreign country tugs at your heartstrings, why not take the leap and turn it into your own overseas adventure? After all, spring is a time of new beginnings and what better way to start anew than by broadening your horizons with a spring study abroad program! 

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Study Abroad Scholarships: Fall 

Navigating the financial aspect of studying abroad can be daunting, but fear not! There is a trove of resources available to help make your fall study abroad dreams come true, from scholarships to grants to other kinds of funding. Let’s unpack CIEE’s main funding types. 

Need-Based Scholarships 

CIEE offers three kinds of needs-based grants, based on a student’s financial need, including: 

Merit Scholarships 

Merit scholarships are based on academic achievement and include: 

Other Funding 

Other financial awards are based on program or alum status, including: 

To qualify for scholarships and/or grants, you’ll need to complete the Scholarships & Grants portion of your CIEE application. On average, it only takes students 15 minutes to complete! 

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How to Study Abroad in the Fall 

Once you’ve made the decision to study abroad and chosen fall as the season to do it, it’s time to plan the rest of your journey. Take note of the next steps: 

Step #1: Choose Where to Study Abroad 

We offer fall programs in 40+ incredible cities around the world. From Spain to Japan to Italy to Costa Rica, your options are virtually limitless. Find the place that speaks to you! 


Step #2: Pick Your Favorite Program 

With more than 100 programs to choose from during the fall term, you’ll have plenty of options. Think Russian Language + European Studies in Tallinn, Estonia or Arts + Sciences in Glasgow, Scotland.  


Step #3: Apply for Funding 

As mentioned, it’s important to research what kinds of scholarships and grants you may qualify for. Be sure to apply for CIEE funding to help you get on your way! 


Step #4: Start and Submit Your CIEE Application 

Of course, in order to make your fall study abroad dreams come true, you’ll need to apply! On average, it only takes students 30 minutes to complete their CIEE applications. In addition, you’ll need to see if your institution has any internal application requirements.  

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Fall in Love with Study Abroad 

Now that you know everything you need to know about fall study abroad, it’s time to begin your journey with CIEE. Get started today!