Fanatic Fitness Gym: An All-Female Gym

By: Eladia Michaels

When I got here, I immediately signed up or this gym at it was affordable, only female, and includes an open gym along with fitness classes in your membership. This gym is about a ten-minute walk from my apartment, which makes it very convenient to attend frequently. Located at 9, Náměstí Míru 820, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha 2, this gym offers a cardio room, with four treadmills, a stationary bike and a stair climber. Then you can enter the weight room, where there is a variety of free wrights and dumbbells. There is also a room with only machines for heavier lifting. On the other side of the gym is another room that you can use when classes rent being taught. Downstairs, there is a big gym and a spinning room. 

So let’s talk about the classes offered. I have attended almost all of them, and going to these classes a couple times a week have become my highlight and a great activity that I incorporate in my day. 

Pilates: the gym offers a mat Pilates class where you stretch your entire body and move to what makes you feel the greatest. I have only gone once, but his class is great for a post-recovery relaxing day. 

Tabata: Tabata has become one of my top favorite classes at this studio. I usually go every Monday and Wednesday. This class offers a full body workout with about six rounds with different moves. Each round is a new exercise where you work out for 20 seconds and take a 10 second break. You repeat that for eight times. If you want to get a good sweat in, try this class out!

Jumping: my other favorite class that I attend about 2-3 times a week is the jumping class. Basically, everyone gets their own mini trampoline. The exercise itself comes from jumping down rather than up. You move to the beat of the music. I like to compare this class to a spin class, except you on trampolines!

Circuit Training: This class is great, especially if you want to feel comfortable lifting weights. There is a heavy bar that you use. Again, this is a total body workout with weights included. There are about 15 exercises in each round which you only complete twice. Time absolutely flies in this class. 

Aerobic Body: like the circuit training, aerobic body has three stations which you repeat twice. There are three rounds in each session, and you partner up with two other women and workout together. This too is a total body workout, but what I love about this class is that it unites the community.