The Harsh Truth of Studying Abroad

By: Murphy Botko

Brace yourself. Forget what you’ve heard. Here’s the run-down on why studying abroad is NOT for the faint of heart. 


Do you think you could handle navigating through a complex world of exotic flavors that threatens the very foundation of your taste preferences? It is frightening. You may just find your new favorite food and have to return home with some disappointing news for your mom and her county renowned Mac N Cheese. 


In the age of digital interconnectedness, who has time to form a global network of friends? You know what they say…  “It's overrated to forge relationships that transcend borders and cultures,” bleh. It’s gotta be better to stay in the home town you grew up in, where everyone knows your last name. 


It is important that I warn you, studying abroad will be a bombardment of constant distracting landscapes. Enough to make anyone lose focus. How can one be expected to concentrate on studies when there are captivating views that require your gaze? But that cafe you know too well is, of course, vastly superior and easier to focus in than getting productive in a medieval castle turned library. 


The pursuit of linguistic understanding is an unbearable task. Sadly, Google Translate has figured out just about every nuance to speaking new languages. Whether it's reading a menu or a quick conversation with a taxi driver, Google Translate has made it too easy to communicate! Where's the authenticity? Now we can travel all around the world and communicate with every culture without picking up a book and studying for a year leading up to our trip, pfft, lame! 


Too many unforgettable experiences can be overwhelming. The weight of cherished memories might just be too much to bear. Perhaps a life of your mundane routine is a more manageable alternative to the endless array of life-changing moments.

Does this sound like something you want to do? Navigate through a new way of life with people who are looking to do the same? Developing a global social circle, seeing the unthinkable,  bridging the gaps of language, and filling up your memories with lasting, life-changing ones? But hey, who needs unforgettable experiences and a broader perspective on life, right? On your abroad journey you must be prepared for the unexpected. Welcome an unfiltered reality of studying abroad – a path not for the faint of heart.