How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad in 2024?

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How much does it cost to study abroad in 2024? 

Cost is a significant consideration for students aspiring to study abroad. As one of the top study abroad organizations, we get asked all the time: How expensive is it to study abroad, really?  

Let's break down the average cost of studying abroad, the cheapest places to study abroad, and the best scholarship opportunities for college students looking to take their studies international!

*Disclaimer: Study abroad costs vary by program type, length, and location. All figures outlined in this post are estimates. For costs not included in your program’s outlined fees, it’s important to consider factors surrounding your individual journey while abroad.  

How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad?

SEMESTER PROGRAMS: On average, a semester study abroad program with CIEE costs $19,850. A little less when studying abroad in Latin America ($17,950). A little more when heading to Europe ($20,950).  

And bear in mind that CIEE tuition always includes a high level of student support (e.g. pre-departure advising, 24/7 emergency on-site support, iNext travel insurance, etc.). Not every program out there can say the same. Be sure to read the fine print! 

Average cost of a semester abroad by region 

Average cost of studying abroad in Asia-Pacific: Asia - $19,850; Australia - $20,850  
Average cost of studying abroad in Europe:$20,950
Average cost of studying abroad in Latin America:$17,950
Average cost of studying abroad in Middle East/North Africa: $19,850
Average cost of studying abroad in Africa: $20,850

SUMMER PROGRAMS: As for summer programs, costs vary significantly based on the program length and type you choose. For example, a four-week summer session in Amsterdam costs around $5,950 whereas a six-week summer block in Cape Town costs around $6,950 Deviating a bit, an eight-week intensive Spanish language program costs about $8,450.  

Keep in mind, CIEE offers various scholarships, grants, and savings for summer-only programs. Our four-week summer sessions automatically include a 20% discount when you enroll in two or more four-week sessions. Similarly, STEM majors may be eligible for a $500 CIEE STEM scholarship toward any qualifying summer STEM program 

JANUARY PROGRAMS: CIEE also features select study abroad programs during the month of January, called J-terms. These three-week, three-credit programs are among our most affordable options available. From Singapore to Monteverde to Legon, you can study abroad during your winter break for around $3,650! 

OPEN CAMPUS BLOCK PROGRAMS: When it comes to CIEE’s Open Campus Block program, in which students can study abroad for up to three consecutive six-week blocks, the cost is around $20,850, but drops significantly to a little over $6,950 for students who choose to pursue only one block (six weeks) or about $13,900 for two blocks (12 weeks).  

ciee open campus block program students in buenos aires on a farm

Is it Expensive to Study Abroad?

As you can see, how expensive (or affordable) a study abroad program is largely depends on where you go, when you go, and how long you go abroad for. If budget is your top concern, the more affordable study abroad programs would either be a J-term or summer program. However, if you're willing to increase your budget for a longer, more immersive experience, consider a semester-long program -- or even a full academic year. 

Just remember: Whether you select a short-term program or a full semester abroad, you're in for a priceless journey you'll cherish for a lifetime. 

What’s included in the CIEE program fee? 

Simply put, a lot. In fact, the CIEE program fee offers the most student support of any study abroad provider. Most of the essentials – outside of airfare and meals – are covered by the program fee. This typically includes: 

  • Tuition
  • Housing 
  • Pre-departure advising 
  • Orientation 
  • On-site staff + 24/7 emergency on-site support  
  • Cultural + co-curricular activities 
  • Travel protection 

To be sure, there is some variance among programs. So, students should check their specific program’s information section for exact details about cost and what is covered vs. what is not.  

So, housing is included, but not meals and transportation? 

For the most part, that’s true. Most CIEE programs include housing. Meals are generally not included – with the exception being homestay students who can eat breakfast and dinner with their host families.  

Students should also budget for the cost of international airfare and local transportation. Again, there is some difference between programs, so confirm this fee structure with your specific program.  

student housing for study abroad in paris apartment

What about additional expenses? 

To help you budget, keep in mind that students are responsible for the cost of international airfare, local transportation, books and supplies, visas, and personal expenses. Additionally, your college or university may charge their own study abroad fees or may require you to receive a transcript via CIEE's School of Record, which carries an additional fee of $500. 

Which place is the cheapest to study abroad? 

Some of the most affordable places to study abroad, in terms of tuition, tend to be for programs based in Latin America, followed by destinations in the Middle East and North Africa. Explore CIEE’s programs offered in the culturally rich Latin America and the alluring Middle East 

For those who want a European experience, Prague is among the more affordable capital cities in Europe and many students find it easy to enjoy that historic city on a budget.  

What are the best scholarships for studying abroad? 

Many colleges and universities have their own scholarships for students wanting to study abroad. Be sure to check with your study abroad office for more details on how you can apply and qualify.  

But also check with us. We award millions of dollars in scholarships and grants to students who plan to study overseas on our programs. Awards are based on need, merit, and other areas of funding, such as program and alumni status. All you need to do is complete the Scholarships & Grants portion of your study abroad application, and our team will determine the best scholarship and grant opportunities for you. 

Important annual scholarship and grant deadlines for CIEE students: 

  • Summer and Fall: April 1 
  • Spring: October 15 

You do not need to have already been accepted into a program to be considered for a scholarship award, but you do need to apply early. Visit our scholarships and grants page for a list of available aid and application deadlines. Of course, you should discuss all financial planning with your campus financial aid officer well in advance of applying as well. 

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