Now is the time to think about coming to Beijing!

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CIEE Beijing



As the world reopens its doors to exploration and learning, there's no better time to consider a study abroad experience that promises a blend of cultural richness, historical significance, and modern vibrancy. Nestled at the heart of China, Beijing beckons with open arms, inviting students like you to dive into an immersive journey of discovery.

Here are three compelling reasons why Beijing should be at the forefront of your study abroad aspirations:

Immerse in Rich Culture

Beijing stands as a living testament to China's intricate tapestry of tradition and modernity. As you walk its streets, you'll breathe in the essence of an ancient civilization interwoven with contemporary influences. Historical landmarks like the awe-inspiring Forbidden City and the spiritual Temple of Heaven will transport you through time, offering a glimpse into China's majestic past. Beyond the monuments, the city's people embody its culture, with their warm hospitality and reverence for tradition.

Embrace Urban Nature

Amid the bustling cityscape, Beijing offers oases of natural beauty that provide solace and inspiration. Tranquil parks like Jingshan Park and the picturesque Beihai Park offer a serene escape from the urban pace. The majestic Fragrant Hills and the serene lakes a short subway ride away from the CIEE location cradle stories of their own, inviting you to explore the harmony between man and nature.

Stand up paddle boarding on Liangma River in central Beijing near the US Embassy.
Stand up paddle boarding on Liangma River in central Beijing near the US Embassy.


Delight in Culinary Adventures

Beijing's culinary scene is a gateway to understanding the soul of China. From the succulent elegance of Peking Duck to the humble charm of Jianbing street breakfasts, every bite unveils layers of history and culture. The city's diverse food offerings, from sizzling hot pot to the comforting embrace of Zhajiangmian noodles, mirror its people's passion and creativity. 

Hundreds of regional government representative office in Beijing (驻京办) have their own specialty restaurants, providing the an opportunity to experience the diversity of the entire country without leaving the city. The Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture Restaurant serving halal northwestern dishes is located a quick subway ride away from Peking University.

With the world taking cautious steps to resume normalcy after the challenges of the pandemic, it's worth noting that China has reopened its doors, eager to welcome students back to its educational institutions. This presents a unique opportunity for you to not only immerse yourself in Beijing's vibrant life but also to contribute to rebuilding global connections.