A Trip to Hongdae... Wait, sheep?

Authored By:

Lindsey W.

What a day!
The birds are singing, the sun is shining... oh no, it's shining too much. It's hot! Where are the clouds? Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day in Seoul! One thing I have learned during my stay here is that during monsoon season, you either get cold and rainy, or humid and sweaty. There is no in-between, so pack accordingly!
On this beautiful, yet very humid day, I set out to a Kpop cafe that was hosted by none other than CIEE. The cafe was BTS-themed and we were warmly greeted by the cafe owners who had prepared my group and me with a nice cold drink and a selection of macaroons. To drink, I selected green grape soda. Now, don't be discouraged too quickly as this drink was definitely refreshing and I have been seeking it out ever since. For our macaroons, we were presented with three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Of course, I had to have a little chocolate. And did I mention this would be my first macaroon to try, ever? I am sure you know I was not disappointed. 
Afterward, my group planned to go to Hongdae, but first, lemme pet some sheep. Yes, sheep! As if we were not already on a sugar high from soda and macaroons, we stopped at a sheep cafe named Thanks Nature Cafe. I had to resist jumping up and down talking in a baby voice when I saw them. Absolute cotton balls they were. I was much more interested in them than the waffles that had ice cream and warm syrup on them. 
After pulling myself together, because you know, I'm an adult, we set out to shop. And boy, we shopped till we dropped. Literally. We were all very tired after it all. But, let me tell you how it went! Hongdae is known for its urban art and indie culture. You can find some great fashion here. From the flowy dresses to oversized tees, cropped tops, and vintage windbreakers, they had it all. Our first stop was Seoul Vintage. If you are interested in vintage clothing and are inspired by Stranger Things, check it out. This is where I bought my vintage Nike windbreaker with the Olympic zipper tags. We then headed down a street that was lined with shops. I was not prepared to see so many things that I liked, so visit with caution. It is like going into the store for one thing and coming out with a cart full. Five t-shirts, a windbreaker, and a pair of shorts later, we finally headed out. Trust me, I wanted to buy more but it has only been a little over a week since I got here. You can bet I will be coming back. 
After much walking and a bus ride later, we arrived back at the dorms to end the day but hunger was calling my name. Thankfully there is a great sandwich shop, Standby Kitchen, not even a minute from the dorms that has a great Philly cheesesteak sandwich. This is where I would normally insert the chef's kiss meme. Just picture it here for me. 

Another great day and wonderful memories to add to the book.

Until next time.