A Visit to Casablanca's Hassan II Mosque

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CIEE Rabat

Our Language and Culture students wrapped up this week with a visit to Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque. As the third largest mosque in the world, and largest in Africa, Hassan II stands as a testament to Morocco’s contribution to Islamic society and art. The overcast day couldn’t detract from Hassan II’s beauty, and the students asked insightful questions about Islam, Islamic architecture, and Morocco on our guided tour while learning about different verses from the Qur’an and Morocco’s distinctive style of recitation, Warsh. As a special end to the excursion, some of our Muslim students were able to stay and pray the Asr prayer, and after, we all enjoyed pizza and juice along Casablanca’s shoreline. This group has been so fun to travel with, and we can’t wait for our future adventures with them!