Your Guide to CIEE Semester In Programs: Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re looking for a study abroad program that’s flexible, aligns with the U.S. academic calendar, offers courses across a wide range of subjects, and has no language requirements, then look no further than the CIEE Semester In program model.  

Offered in 14 incredible locations around the world (and 20 additional cities in 2025), the CIEE Semester In program model was designed with YOU in mind. This transformative study abroad experience is a favorite among students and colleges/universities alike due to its flexible academics, real-world experiences, and cultural immersion. Let’s dig deeper into the program’s key benefits so you can take advantage of our unique model and begin planning where you want to study abroad in our global network. 

Benefit #1: CIEE Semester In offers flexible academics. 

Students often ask us “how many credits can you take in a semester?” If this question has crossed your mind, take note that credits earned vary by program. In the CIEE Semester In program in particular, you’ll earn 15 credits at the CIEE center and/or at one (or more) local host institution(s) in your chosen city. Once you enroll in the CIEE Semester In program, you can choose to earn credits across a wide range of areas of study, including business, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and more.  

In conjunction with the credits you’ll earn and the courses you’ll take, consider a few more highlights about how flexible the CIEE Semester In program academics are, including how: 

  • Most classes can be taken in English (with no language requirements)
  • The program model follows the U.S. academic calendar, seamlessly aligning with most college and university calendars
  • You need a minimum GPA of 2.5 to qualify (depending on host institution eligibility) 

How’s that for flexibility? 

Benefit #2: CIEE Semester In offers real-world experience. 

The CIEE Semester In program model takes experiential learning to a whole new level, giving you every opportunity to gain transferable, real-world experience during your time abroad. From adding an optional hands-on internship to your academic course load to participating in volunteer work, you’ll return home from your program with a host of hard and soft skills like: 

  • Problem-solving
  • Intercultural communication
  • Self-leadership 

Skills like these, and many others, are valued most by employers in today’s globally interconnected workplaces. 

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Benefit #3: CIEE Semester In offers cultural immersion. 

Throughout the duration of the CIEE Semester In program, you’ll spend time in and out of the classroom immersing yourself in your chosen city. Between attending classes with local students to diving deep into your host city’s customs and norms, staying in a single location for the full semester facilitates a deeper understanding of the local culture so you can: 

  • Gain a nuanced understanding of your host country
  • Foster meaningful connections with local community members and peers
  • Participate in co-curricular activities and study tours to deepen your study of your host country 

With all this, you’re guaranteed to be fully immersed in this once-in-a-lifetime study abroad experience! 

Explore the CIEE Semester In Global Network 

Excited to enroll in the CIEE Semester In program? Take your studies to one of the following amazing cities for an unforgettable journey of academic discovery, experiential learning, and personal growth.  


AlicanteAmsterdam (coming fall 2025)Berlin (coming fall 2025)Barcelona
Copenhagen (coming spring 2025)Dublin (coming spring 2025)EdinburghFlorence
GlasgowLisbon (coming spring 2025)LondonMadrid
MilanPalma de MallorcaParisPrague (coming spring 2025)
RomeSevilleTallinnToulouse (coming spring 2025)


Beijing (coming spring 2025)Seoul (coming spring 2025)Singapore (coming spring 2025)
Shanghai (coming spring 2025)Sydney (coming spring 2025)Taipei
Tokyo (coming fall 2025)  


Buenos Aires (coming spring 2025)Santiago, Chile (coming spring 2025)


Amman (coming spring 2025)Cape Town (coming spring 2025)Gaborone (coming spring 2025)
Legon (coming spring 2025)Yucatán (coming spring 2025) 

Spend Your Semester Abroad with CIEE!

Whether you want to spend a semester abroad in France (bonjour, Paris), a semester abroad in Germany (hallo, Berlin), a semester abroad in Spain (hola, Barcelona) – and so much more – you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime on the CIEE Semester In program.  

Start planning your journey today!