Cultural Discovery

It’s one thing to visit a place, see the sights, and go home. That’s what tourists do. Truly understanding a culture and its traditions takes more than a quick visit, however. It takes time to really get to know what a place and its people are all about.

That’s why international exchange is so powerful – and why CIEE Work & Travel USA students get so much out of their stay in this country. When you meet and get to know people, you can go beyond first impressions. You get an appreciation for the culture, become more comfortable, and start to see America in a whole new way. Confused about baseball? Don’t watch it on TV. Head to a game with a co-worker and find out for yourself why it’s America’s favorite sport!

A lot of what you learn comes from the little things you do every day and the human connections you make:

  • Make small talk at the cafe where you go for morning coffee
  • Have conversations with new American friends and fellow students
  • Tell a joke or a story to co-workers
  • Join friends after work for a movie
  • Share a meal

Along the way, every day, your English will improve. Stronger language skills also make it easier to discover American culture. After all, every friendship begins with “Hello!” And it is a great investment in your future.

CIEE: Your Source for Vital Information

We understand how difficult it can be to get comfortable in a new place. It’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why CIEE gives you a thorough online orientation before you leave, makes personal visits during your stay, and works with employers to make sure you have a positive job experience.

Members of the CIEE team will be in touch throughout the program to help you adjust, explore, and learn about American culture.

Culture Guide USA
This monthly email helps you learn more about American culture and traditions, along with interesting facts about everything from holidays to government, and beautiful places like our national parks.

On the Go
You will receive regular emails with useful tips and information about the program and your stay, with hints on settling in, doing your job, and living in America.

Top 10 Things to Do
Soon after you arrive, you’ll get a handy listing of some of the great things near you to see and experience. We’ll tell you how to find everything from Native American sites, to great live music, to world-class cultural attractions.

Get social! Share your experiences and pictures on our Facebook page and connect with other students (you might win some great prizes, too). Check out the CIEE WAT Facebook.

Hands-On Learning to Enrich Your American Experience

Living and working in America teaches you a lot. We want you to learn even more, to get the most out of your time in the United States. That is why CIEE Work & Travel USA offers unique opportunities to meet with other students and find out about the American way of life.

CIEE events are something you won’t want to miss. They’re informative, thought-provoking, and you will be surprised at how much fun learning about the United States can be.

Connect USA
These get-togethers give you a deeper look into life in America. Connect USA is also a great way to meet and network with other CIEE students!

Civic Leadership Summit
This exciting annual event in Washington, D.C., focuses on intercultural awareness, civics, and social entrepreneurship. Join students from around the world in workshops, share perspectives, and discover how you can make a difference as a global citizen. If your application is accepted, you’ll be awarded a grant that includes travel, accommodations, meals, and all activities at the summit. What a wonderful way to make your time in America even better!