Health and Finances

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Start Your Journey Prepared

Plan Your Finances

You will have to cover all of your expenses until you receive your first paycheck. When you arrive, U.S. Customs might require proof that you have enough money with you. Acceptable proofs include cash and bank statements.

You will need at least $1,500. We recommend that you bring extra money if possible, in case something unexpected happens.

Check Your Health 

CIEE provides you with medical insurance as a program benefit. Our insurance covers sudden illnesses and emergencies while you are in the United States, but does not cover routine medical procedures or checkups. You should see your doctor and dentist before you depart.

If you take prescription medication, bring a supply that will last for your entire trip, along with a doctor’s note listing all prescription medications and why you need them. You will need this information to share with a doctor, should you need to see one while in the United States.

For more information about CIEE insurance coverage, visit our insurance website.