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If you’re itching for a European adventure, then check out 10 of our new and exciting spring study abroad programs coming in 2024 that will take place across several incredible European cities.  

Choose your favorite and get set for an incredible experience next year! 

As Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow gives you plenty to do during a semester abroad. Known for its beautiful architecture and history, this Scottish city is a cultural hub and home to famed institutions like the Scottish Ballet, the National Theater of Scotland, the Scottish Opera, and many museums and musical attractions.  

More fun facts about Glasgow:  

  • Some of Glasgow’s trees are older than dinosaurs; discover them in Fossil Grove 
  • Glasgow is known as Scotland’s “dear green place” 
  • It was once home to one of the world’s largest shipbuilding centers 

In this program, you’ll study alongside students from around the world at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, a leading technological institution. And plenty of cultural excursions will be available to amazing places like:  

  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum  
  • Glasgow Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals in the country  
  • The Scottish Highlands, complete with beautiful inlets and inconspicuous villages  

A semester in Glasgow promises to be a culture-rich, history-filled study abroad adventure!  

glasgow shopping street

Charming Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. With its storybook landscape, brilliant festivals, and internationally renowned literature, comedy, and arts scene, studying abroad in Edinburgh is a guaranteed fascinating experience.  

More fun facts about Edinburgh:  

  • A majority of the Harry Potter movies were filmed in this lovely city    
  • Most of Edinburgh’s buildings are listed, meaning they are of special architectural or historic interest and are protected from any changes – a treat for history and architecture buffs 
  • Edinburgh was the first city in the world to establish a fire service 

With CIEE, you’ll get to study at Edinburgh Napier University, the #1 modern university in Scotland and #1 in Edinburgh for student satisfaction. This institution is known for its research focus and features a large international student population, so you can study alongside students from all kinds of backgrounds and enhance your global perspective.  

Our cultural excursions in Edinburgh include:  

  • Edinburgh Castle, which has been occupied since the Iron Age (1200 BC!)  
  • The Palace of Holyroodhouse, the residence of the British monarch in Scotland  
  • St. Giles’ Cathedral constructed in the 12th century 

If you’re looking for a diverse Europe study abroad experience in a historic city, Edinburgh is the way to go

Option #3: Arts, Architecture, and Design (Florence)  

Florence just seems to have it all. Rooted in art and history, this breathtaking Italian city is known for its vineyards, authentic cuisine, and world-class views. Its architectural design, museums, and galleries are unmatched, so if you’re passionate about all-things-art, architecture, and design, this is the program for you.  

More fun facts about Florence:  

  • It’s the birthplace of the piano, which was invented in 1698 by Bartolomeo Cristofori  
  • Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance  
  • Florence’s iconic Duomo di Firenze took more than a century to build 

CIEE’s cultural excursions run the gamut of interesting things to do in Florence, and include visits to:  

  • Pisa, home to the iconic The Leaning Tower 
  • Castello di Camigliano, one of Tuscany’s oldest wineries 
  • Siena, one of the most important cities of the European Middle Ages  

Dive deep into art, architecture, and design with this spring study abroad program in the enchanting city of Florence! 

duomo street florence

Option #4: Fashion, Retail & Innovation (Milan)  

Located in northern Italy, Milan is a European hub of fashion, food, art, architecture, and history. This trendy city is home to some of the world’s top fashion brands, the oldest shopping center in the world, and a booming wine industry. Where better to study fashion, retail, and innovation than this marvelous cosmopolitan city? 

More fun facts about Milan:  

  • It was once a floating city  
  • Football (soccer in the U.S.) is hugely popular in Milan 
  • Milan is the most international city in Italy with expats making up nearly 20% of the population 

Study in Milan with CIEE and you’ll have the opportunity to study at either the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (a stunning private research university founded in the early 20th century) or the Milano Fashion Institute (a non-profit institution that explores the management, design, and communication of the fashion business).  

There’s no better place to explore your fashion and innovation passions than in the (unofficial) fashion capital of the world!  

Option #5: Business + Technology (Tallinn)  

Another new spring study abroad program we’re really excited about is in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn. Estonia is a technological powerhouse, influencing the world with its major advances in tech. 

Note a few fun facts about this location as you prepare to embark on your study abroad adventure: 

  • Tallinn is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe 
  • The Old Town of Tallinn is a well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site 
  • The city is famous for its cultural festivals  

You’ll also get to embark on some fascinating cultural excursions with CIEE including trips to: 

  • Famous Estonian landmarks, like Tallinn Town Wall 
  • The beautiful cities of Tartu, Pärnu, and Narva 
  • Some of the country’s largest islands  

As a Tallinn study abroad student, you’ll get the chance to study alongside other international students at Tallinn University or Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Estonia’s only technical university.  

You’ll also get to take courses like Financial Modeling, International Humanitarian Law and Cyber Conflicts, Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Digital Manufacturing, and tons more. Seriously, this is the place to be if you’re passionate about tech and business

street in tallinn estonia


Option #6: Psychology and Health Sciences (Seville)  

Seville is a hugely popular Spanish destination thanks to its lively cultural traditions, architecture, cuisine, beautiful views, and more. And, if you’re interested in psychology and health sciences, our new spring study abroad program in Seville will be an ideal location to dive into these intriguing disciplines.  

More fun facts about Seville:  

  • Some of the hit series Game of Thrones and movie franchise Star Wars were filmed here 
  • The city is known as the birthplace of tapas 
  • Seville boasts fun festivals each year 

With CIEE, you can partake in the following cultural excursions during your Seville spring study abroad program:  

  • Day trips to the region of AndalucÍa 
  • Kayak the Guadalquivir River 
  • Join a group that matches an interest of yours, like sports, environment, food, or wine  

You’ll have the chance to study at two esteemed institutions in Seville: Universidad de Sevilla and Centro de Estudios Universitarios Schools of Communications. At either of these schools, you’ll get to take interesting courses related to psychology and health sciences, like Fundamentals of Learning and Behaviour, Psychology of Memory, Social Psychology of Communication, and tons more. 

Option #7: Liberal Arts (Paris)  

Paris is known for so many things that it’s honestly hard to encapsulate everything about the French capital. From art, history, fashion, cuisine, culture, and more, the City of Light seemingly has it all. And because of that, there’s no better place to explore a range of disciplines than in Paris with our new Liberal Arts program.  

More fun facts about Paris:  

  • Paris has an underground city 
  • Paris is one of the most-visited cities in the world 
  • There are 1,665 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower 

During your program, you’ll embark on several CIEE excursions in Paris, too, like: 

  • A visit to the Louvre Museum where you can feast your eyes on the Mona Lisa 
  • Learn all about cheesemaking  
  • Travel through the Montparnasse neighborhood to learn more about Parisian art and literature  

During this fun Europe study abroad program, choose from French language courses, business courses, poetry lessons, history, sociology, research, and more at Sorbonne Nouvelle, a Parisian institution. You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime! 

castillo paris france

Option #8: Semester in London  

When you think of London, you probably think about Harry Potter, theater, tea, history, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. This culturally-rich city has all of that and then some and is why we consider our London option to be one of the best study abroad programs in Europe 

More fun facts about London:  

  • London is one of the world’s most internationally diverse cities – hundreds of languages are spoken in the city alone 
  • The city boasts nearly 200 museums 
  • London is actually England’s smallest geographical city 

With our new spring study abroad program in London, you’ll get to learn more about this lively city with CIEE’s cultural excursions to places like:  

  • The theater where Macbeth was first performed in the 17th century  
  • World-class art galleries, like the Saatchi Gallery  
  • Brick Lane, an important site for art and the history of immigration  

With CIEE, you’ll take courses on a variety of subjects like British Art History, Contemporary Britain, International Finance, Politics of Religion, and more. This semester program is bound to keep your mind sharp! 

Option #9: Language + Culture (Alicante)  

Alicante is a coastal Spanish city known for its lively nightlife, out-of-this-world cuisine, and picture-perfect beaches. If you want to dive into Spanish language and get an authentic Spanish cultural experience, Alicante is perfect for you.  

More fun facts about this vibrant city:  

  • Alicante is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean 
  • Both Spanish and Valenciano are considered the city’s official languages 
  • The city is a huge rice producer and exporter 

Your spring study abroad trip to Alicante includes cultural excursions to places like:  

  • The Valencia region  
  • Historically significant sites like the Guadalest Castle, Naelobre Caves, and the Algar Waterfalls  
  • Cooking classes where you’ll learn to make authentic tapas  

The classroom promises to be an adventure as well with the opportunity to take classes like Mediterranean Gastronomy and Wine Industry, Spanish Cinema, Spanish Art and the Process of Painting, and more. Alicante is a dream study abroad destination! 

alicante side street red pots

Option #10: Semester in Palma  

Sunny Palma is right out of a postcard with its stunning beaches and extraordinary historical landmarks. This Spanish city, also the capital of Mallorca, is known for its art, cultural influence, and gastronomy. If you’re looking to brush up on your Spanish and spend a semester in one of the world’s nicest beach cities, Palma is the place to be.  

More fun facts about Palma: 

  • The water around the island is almost always crystal clear 
  • There are 14 lighthouses on the island 
  • Palma is a tourist hot spot and has been since the 1950s 

Our spring semester in Palma also guarantees an exciting cultural experience with excursions to places like:  

  • Alcudia to explore the old walls of the city 
  • La Victoria mountain 
  • The City Hall to learn about Spanish government structures  

With CIEE, you’ll get to choose from an array of interesting courses, like Mediterranean Cuisine in Spain, International Marketing, Independent Research, and more, taught in both Spanish and English. 

Europe is Calling 

Our new spring study abroad programs span Europe and are guaranteed adventures! Make note of which of these Europe study abroad programs align with your personal and academic goals to prepare for next year’s study abroad trip.  

Ready to take the next step?