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Healthcare! It's Universal!

By Kyla D.

Let's be real. As someone who lives in the United States, let's just say I'm extremely aware of the limitations of a privatized healthcare system. As reported by Deb Gordon... keep reading

As EXO Once Sang: Someone Call the Doctor

By Kristie S.

Imagine this: You arrive in Korea and everything is going well so far. You are exploring Sinchon (신촌), looking around Yonsei (연세대), and clubbing in Hongdae (홍대). However, one Sunday... keep reading


Never Walk Barefoot on An Airplane (and Other Ways to Stay Healthy During Study Abroad)

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

Living abroad – even for a short while – will introduce you to a host of unfamiliar conditions. Depending on where you’re jetting off to, you might find the tap... keep reading


Top 10 Study Abroad Programs for STEM Majors

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

If you’re a computer science, math, or engineering student looking for a study abroad program, you’re in luck with CIEE! Read on as we list our top 10 study abroad... keep reading

National Health Insurance: Advice and Tips

By Caroline R.

Hello! I just had to pay my Health Insurance bill today, and I had many issues and questions about it, so I thought I'd share my experience as well as... keep reading

Getting Sick Abroad, Do Not Panic!

By Sofia S.

If you are scared of getting sick abroad or have anxiety about it... this blog post is for you. My first year abroad living in Spain, 2017 I went to... keep reading


Dealing with discomfort in the study abroad context

By CIEE Santiago at CIEE

As a Study Abroad coordinator, I think we naturally focus on practical issues when we advise students on their experience abroad: you need a visa, this is how you get... keep reading


Happy to be back!

By CIEE Santiago at CIEE

The title of this blog post has a twofold meaning for me personally, and I'm very happy to share these news with you! The COVID pandemic forced everyone of us... keep reading



By College Study Abroad at CIEE

The global outbreak of COVID-19, the novel (new) coronavirus is affecting communities around the world. Between anxiety-inducing headlines to travel restrictions and quarantines, it’s perfectly understandable to feel wary and... keep reading


Six Ways to Stay Healthy While Abroad

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

You’ve been waiting for your study abroad program to start for months, only to arrive and discover you’re sick. There’s nothing worse than missing out on fun activities and sight-seeing... keep reading

Tips for Living in Korea with Diabetes

By Tristyn D.

Living in Korea is an adjustment in general, but living in Korea with diabetes can be extremely hard. With noodle dishes and rice in basically every meal, it seems like... keep reading

My Past Travels

By Aiden B.

Let's get some formalities out of the way, shall we? I'm a twenty-year-old student. I'm a college athlete. I help to manage a research lab on campus. One day I... keep reading

Vissum Was My Glasses to See My Medical Future with Sharpness and Clarity

By Dulce S.

What Did I Learn From My Internship at Vissum: The main reason why I chose to study abroad in Spain was to learn medical terminology in Spanish. My internship at... keep reading

An Eye-opening Internship Experience

By Dulce S.

Experience on site during consult: The CIEE Alicante, Spain program connected me with Vissum, a renown ophthalmology private hospital. Throughout the course of the internship, I rotate with doctors from... keep reading


Gender Movement in Argentina

By Natalia Nadal at CIEE

By Professor Carlota Ramírez Last Monday, at the local GI Center Buenos Aires , students at the “Gender, reproductive rights and health in contemporary Latin America” class, within the Global... keep reading