CIEE: More than Just Travel-

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Kyla D.

What's great about CIEE is that they give you not just the chance to study abroad but to work on your career. I had the the opportunity to participate in today in two CIEE trips, once when I was in high school, and now one in college. I've met some very amazing people who have guided me in this journey, and through them I've had many fond memories with!  I can recall Tina Lee (Director of Ciee Seoul) and Teddy Choi (Manager of Student Life for CIEE Seoul. 

Of course I've been  able to participate in variety of CIEE activties, including activities within the programs I participated in. Now through CIEE, I can work on opportunities outside the program, such as those related to my career. In this post briefly I want to shed light on CIEE opportunities for students who are interested in international opportunities related to work and travel. 

Through participating in these programs I was invited to participate as a student ambassador for a CIEE summer program. Unfortunately, due to other summer obligations I was unable to participate in the program. Hopefully I can next year. I was also invited to participate in the campus ambassadors program, which luckily able to undertake because of the campus and ask her program between, but I can be able to vocal about my experiences while still working at my home college,

Opportunities are endless with CIEE so make sure to pay attention all thse oppotunties coming up, because the right one could be waiting for you