Embarking on a Cultural Odyssey: The CIEE Santiago January Exchange Unveiled

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January in Santiago

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CIEE Santiago

Santiago's vibrant tapestry provids the backdrop for weeks filled with enriching encounters and memorable moments. Although, not primarily a language-oriented program, the immersion component stands out as daily interactions with locals enhance Spanish proficiency significantly. From navigating bustling markets to engaging in profound discussions with host families, each encounter contributes to personal, academic and linguistic growth.

Carefully curated excursions organized by our local staff allows participants to delve into Chile's rich history and diverse landscapes. Visits to iconic landmarks such as La Moneda Palace and the vibrant neighborhoods of Valparaíso offer deep insights into Chilean culture and its complexities.

The program's main course, Global Civil Rights, serves as a gateway to understanding a global issue from a local perspective. While the course's co-curricular outings, including a visit to the Memory and Human Rights Museum, provide an enriched understanding of how this issue has impacted the history and social configuration of Chile.

Ultimately, the CIEE Santiago January exchange with its multiple layers, from homestay accommodation to the support of local college Cultural Ambassadors, not only elevates student's perspectives of the civil rights issue, it also gives enriched understanding of Chilean culture, forging enduring connections, and shaping a more globally aware and culturally sensitive individuals.