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Valparaiso Reflection

By CIEE Santiago at CIEE

Author: Emma Denny University of South Carolina During their trip to Valparaíso, another Capstone scholar student from the University of South Carolina wrote the following reflection on the architecture of... keep reading

Phone, Money, and SIM Card

By Caroline R.

Hey! I just wanted to provide some info about what I chose to do regarding my phone and getting a Korean number/data plan, as well as money, what I budgeted... keep reading


Study Abroad Scholarships: Everything You Need to Know

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

Funding your study abroad journey can feel like an overwhelming process before you even begin. And applying for scholarships and grants may sound like a daunting concept. But don’t let... keep reading


Three Blocks, Three countries: The great experience of Ekua studying abroad

By CIEE Berlin at CIEE

Can you imagine living in Singapore for six weeks, then Berlin and then Madrid? Can you imagine getting to know three different cultures, languages and, at the same time, meeting... keep reading


Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me

By CIEE Rome at CIEE

By Elizabeth Huber There are so many aspects of my time in Rome with CIEE, or my CIEE open campus semester in general that I could choose to write about... keep reading


Madrid as your Spanish Language Lab

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

Why study Spanish in the classroom when we have Madrid as our language lab? Every week our Open Campus Spanish Language students engage in community activities as part of their... keep reading


Black Culture in Spain: The First Black Matador in Bullfighting

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

In our CIEE course Intercultural Communication and Leadership, one of the assignments was to explore what motivates someone to be part of the now-vilified world of bullfighting. Ricardo Chibanga went... keep reading


Media Communications Course in Madrid: Charlie Chaplin, the Flower Girl and Violet Candy

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

One of Hollywood´s iconic comedians, Charlie Chaplin, had a unique inspiration in Madrid: The flower seller girl and violet candy. In one of our more popular communication courses in Madrid... keep reading


Me Mola Malasaña: I Like Malasaña

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

One of the favorite student neighborhoods in Madrid is Malasaña. Practice saying: “Me mola Malasaña,“ which is what many madrileños say in Spanish for "I like the hip and trendy... keep reading


The Best Way to Study Abroad in Australia

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

Make a Run for the Land Down Under Australia has opened it's border to travelers! Now is the time to explore the bustling city of Sydney. With amazing nearby hiking... keep reading

Internationality in Seoul

By Federica P.

Hello friends, Today I wanted to tell you a bit more about how many people from all around the world I have met! Yonsei and Seoul are really international so... keep reading


Graffiti Tour in Buenos Aires

By Natalia Nadal at CIEE

By Professors Bruno Nunes and Natalia Nadal Some days ago, Intercultural Communication and Leadership students from Open Campus, Block I, went for a Graffiti Tour in Palermo's neighborhood to get... keep reading


Blog Post by Kayla Larkins

By Brittani Smit at CIEE

Check out this blog post by Summer in Cape Town 2019 student Kayla Larkins about her experience horseback riding at Noordhoek beach in Cape Town: "One of the best experiences... keep reading

What This Summer in London Taught Me

By Renee S.

Hi everyone!! It has been a little over a week since I zipped up my suitcases and boarded an eight-hour plane back to the US. Leaving my new home in... keep reading