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Caroline R.


I recently got my hair done in Seoul, and I thought that others should know how I did so and where I went! 

I had done my hair before leaving for South Korea in February. I was putting off getting my hair cut, especially because I was nervous and did not know where to go or how to find a salon and stylist. One of my friends ended up finding a stylist on Instagram and YouTube that works through a foreigner-friendly salon. She really liked her hair and recommended her to me. So, I DMed the stylist on Instagram and sent her pictures of what cut I wanted and what kind of hair I had. She answered soo fast and got me scheduled for the next week. In the U.S., I typically have to schedule an appointment about a month in advance, so I was very happy to get one so quickly. 

After getting to the salon in Hongdae, the workers gave my friend and me (who was getting her hair done again) a care package that included a face mask, phone charger, and ice pack, and also gave us some really good snacks and our choice of drink. The stylist's assistant then came out and asked us questions about the hair we wanted, when we last got it cut, and noted our hair types and color. Of course, we also got our hair washed and styled, and my friend dyed her hair. I was so incredibly happy with my hair and the salon experience itself. I am 100% going back again before I leave. In total, my haircut was $25 USD!!!! CRAZYYY right? My mom actually said it was the prettiest cut I have ever gotten. I was so happy with it, and I was taken care of and walked through the entire process. I would HIGHLY recommend it! 선우 was so incredible and so sweet! I got a jellyfish-inspired cut :)

Salon (Hongdae): Soonsiki,, YouTube:

Stylist/Designer: Sun Woo (선우), Instagram: @soonsiki_sunwoo 


 Talk Soon, 

Caroline :)