Shopping In Rennes : A Chance to Explore New Places and a Form of Self-Care

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When I decided to study away in Rennes, I knew that I would spend part of my time going to shops throughout various parts of Rennes. Most of the time, I explore the stores in downtown because of the comfort and the sense of novelty they bring. During my first few weeks here, I took a course that was downtown in Rennes. After class, some classmates and I often visited various shops nearby. For instance, we went to a record store and a bookstore one of the days. Those early shopping experiences with some of my classmates allowed me to explore the various shops in downtown, but also created a sense of familiarity and, ultimately, the confidence to explore the shops in Rennes by myself. 

My first experience of shopping by myself was comforting. It was a Saturday in early September, my third week in Rennes. I remember having nothing planned for that day, so I decided to explore some shops. After taking the bus and metro, my first stop was the Lush in Sainte-Anne's. I shop at Lush sometimes back in my hometown, so when I walked into the Lush at Sainte-Anne's, I felt a sense of familiarity and comfort. At that time, I felt like a fish out of the water. Going into Lush provided me with a sense of familiarity and comfort. Browsing in the shops has continued to be a form of relaxation for me. For instance, on Thursdays and Fridays, when I only have one class, I often take the metro to the historic center and look around at H&M, Bershka, and other stores. This routine of going shopping downtown has allowed me to relax and spend time doing something I enjoy, but also a chance to explore the neighborhood. 

Furthermore, another notable shopping experience I have had is going to the weekend markets. During my first month in Rennes, I would go to Saint-Lunaire (a nearby city by the sea) for the weekend with my host mom and another host family. Part of our weekend routine included going to the market in Dinard. At the market in Dinard, there was an assortment of vendors, from people selling jewelry and clothes to people selling fruits and vegetables. There was a vendor for everyone! Going to the market in Dinard was an incredibly unique experience for me. Back home, I typically do not go to any weekend markets. Shopping at the markets in Dinard has also been remarkable! One weekend, I bought three pieces of jewelry for 25 euros, and another weekend, I bought a cardigan for 10 euros. I always remember the weekend market in Dinard when I wear these items. 

Overall, shopping in Rennes has been an unforgettable and enriching experience! 


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CIEE-Rennes Liberals Art Fall 2023