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Izzy: “ Living with a host family is knowing that you always have support with the perspective of a local”

By CIEE Berlin at CIEE

Izzy Alexander is one of our students that participated on the program “January in Berlin 2024”. She is originally from North Carolina, and currently is studying English, German, and Linguistics... keep reading


My Homestay Experience in Japan

By CIEE Kyoto at CIEE

Authored by Hanson Dai, CIEE Kyoto Open Campus Block II Fall 2023 Short, but sweet. Although cliche, this phrase effectively summarizes my homestay experience in Japan. By living with a... keep reading


“Petits” Discoveries Every Day

By CIEE Rennes at CIEE

Language is a tool that opens a door for you to explore a new culture, people, tradition, and more. Its acquisition can take any method: studying grammar and vocabulary by... keep reading


A Day in My Life in Rennes, France

By CIEE Rennes at CIEE

When I decided to study abroad in France, something I had always dreamed of doing, I knew that my life here would be a lot different than what I was... keep reading


A moment with the host family in Rennes, France

By CIEE Rennes at CIEE

Studying abroad is an experience that extends far beyond language acquisition. It provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a foreign culture local cuisine, and engage with the daily... keep reading


Different Types of Housing while Studying Abroad

By College Study Abroad Ambassador at CIEE

By: Elizabeth Huber Hi friends! Today, I want to write about the different types of housing options that I experienced in my time abroad and give you some on insight... keep reading


CIEE Study Abroad Housing Options: Everything You Need to Know

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

If you’re considering a study abroad program, it’s likely that you’re also thinking about your housing options! While you’re anticipating exciting courses and foreign country exploration, having a better understanding... keep reading


Living with a Host Family in Santiago Chile

By CIEE Santiago at CIEE

Living with a host family has been a really fundamental part of my experience studying abroad. And I can’t say it’s all been sunshine and roses, but it’s definitely been... keep reading


La Vie avec une Famille Française / Living with a French Host Family

By CIEE Rennes at CIEE

La vie quotidienne avec une famille française est super ! Chez moi à Rennes, j’habite avec une famille qui est composée d’un père, une mère, deux filles, et un bébé... keep reading

Captivating Rome: Tales of History, Art, and Delicious Food

By Zoie S.

Hey!! I spent my first spring block studying abroad in Rome. I adore the open campus program because it gives me the ideal amount of time to visit each location... keep reading

Meeting Your Host Family First Time? How To Combat The Fear (Updated)

By Sofia S.

Meeting your host family can be very nerve wracking - you may be wondering: What will they be like? Will they like me? How much food should I eat? Should... keep reading


A home away from home

By CIEE Rennes at CIEE

One of the bigger parts of the cultural immersion program with my university and CIEE is living with a family in France. Yes, living with a host family from France... keep reading

Navigating Homestays!

By Sofia S.

Being in a host family can be hard, and scary at first. My first time abroad, the one thing I could not wait for was to receive my host family... keep reading

Ana & Helena, My Homestay Heroes

By Sydney H.

The idea can sound quite daunting: living in a stranger’s home in a foreign country for four months? Not ideal. Well, actually it turned out to be much more than... keep reading

An Amsterdammer's Weekend in the North: Groningen Homestay

By Lucine P.

While studying in Amsterdam, I took the opportunity to do a homestay with a Dutch family up north in Groningen in late November. Initially I was unsure about this decision... keep reading