Welcome to E-Estonia!

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CIEE Tallinn

As you gear up for your study abroad adventure in Estonia, get ready to dive into a world where the 'E' stands for electronic, and the possibilities are boundless. The birthplace of Skype, and the world's most advanced digital society – welcome to E-Estonia!

The Digital Revolution

Picture this: a country where internet access is a human right, and the digital heartbeat resonates in every aspect of daily life. The story of the world's most advanced digital society started back in 1991. Estonia has declared its commitment to innovation loud and clear. With a thriving IT startup culture and a slew of digital brands under its belt, including Transferwise, the online currency converter, this small nation has made a big impact on the digital world.

Estonia also proudly wears the crown as the e-governance leader in Europe. According to Microsoft's Digital Futures Index, which measured the digitalization level of 16 European countries, Estonia stands out with an above Central and Eastern European (CEE) average digitalization level. This Baltic gem outshines all countries in the Index, particularly in the realm of digital public services.

The Electronic ID Card

From signing contracts remotely to paying for public transportation with a flick of the card, the possibilities are endless. Estonians can even vote online, and students can check their grades, access learning materials, and more.

The ID card is also the key to:

  • Conducting bank transactions online;
  • Receiving digital prescriptions;
  • Declaring taxes online;
  • Creating a company in minutes;
  • Applying for government aid.

A Presidential Shoutout

Estonia's digital prowess has earned it praise from no less than Barack Obama himself. The country's commitment to transparency and accessibility in government has positioned it as a champion of e-governance, reaching out to collaborate with other nations through NGOs like the e-governance academy.

As you start this exciting journey to E-Estonia, get ready to witness a digital revolution that seamlessly intertwines with the beauty and warmth of this Baltic gem. And of course, these are only some of the reasons why you should come and study abroad in Tallinn, Estonia!