CIEE Recruit

Rely On Us To Find Your Students

Every CIEE employer wants to offer students a great job, but not everyone has a dedicated human resources staff or has capacity to attend an overseas hiring event. That’s where CIEE Recruit comes in. It’s ideal for employers, such as small local businesses, who are looking to hire 50 students or less.

CIEE Recruit, a free service, does more than save you time and money. It brings you the expertise of some of the most experienced hiring professionals in the industry. The CIEE Recruit team takes care of the whole process, traveling overseas to interview and hire on your behalf so you can stay focused on running your business. We keep you informed all along the way, with hiring reports, interview summaries, and student profiles.

CIEE Recruit offers a flexible schedule to fit your needs. All you need to do is sign up in time for your upcoming season, talk to a CIEE International Recruitment Consultant about your business and job requirements, and we’ll take it from there. Contact us today at 1-866-609-CIEE or to get started!

Your Dedicated Hiring Team

It takes a special person to be a CIEE recruiter. Someone who is passionate about CIEE Work & Travel USA and the cultural exchange opportunities it offers. Someone who has a talent for working with people and getting a true sense of the person behind the resume. Someone who understands the role you play in creating life-changing experiences for your students.

We give our recruiters the tools and information they need to find the best match for your business. They know how to assess English skills, personality and motivation. As part of their training with CIEE, they evaluate and discuss recorded interviews, conduct mock interviews, and shadow seasoned colleagues.

Meet a CIEE Recruiter

“I’ve been a CIEE International Recruitment Coordinator for five years, working mostly with small employers in Montana. I’ve enjoyed getting to know them, their business, the area, and what cultural activities are available to students. I’ve even met many of them during site-visits and have had the pleasure of hiring more than 1,000 students from all over Europe and Asia. From time to time, I see a student who I interviewed and offered a job to during the summer, and that’s definitely a high point of my job!

CIEE Recruiters are knowledgeable and well prepared to interview students on behalf of employers. CIEE doesn’t just hand over a job description. Our strong relationship with employers helps us understand what kind of work the students will be doing, as well as what the community has to offer them. This benefits us tremendously during the interview; because I can answer just about any question I’m asked! I am able to properly set expectations with the student to ensure they have a successful program!

Once the interview is complete, I type up interview notes for each student. It helps to paint a picture for my employer about why the student is qualified for the job, and what they hope to gain by participating in the Work & Travel USA program. Time and time again, my employers have told me how valuable this insight can be.

I love this job! I’m so lucky to be a cultural exchange ambassador! It lets me engage with fascinating people from all over the world – from employers I work with, to the students I interview. They’re all so excited about the unique opportunity that CIEE Work & Travel USA offers!”

– Erin, CIEE International Recruitment Coordinator

Superior Insight Brings Better Matches

The saying goes “The devil is in the details.” At CIEE, we like to say “The quality is in the details.” We go out of our way to learn about you, your community, and the students’ home culture, to set the stage for a trip that is everything the student hopes for.

This deeper knowledge helps the recruiter set student expectations and answer any questions they may have about you, the job they’re applying for, and the community they will be joining. All this enables us to find the best fit for your business and community.

What People are Saying

  • "From our initial conversation regarding hiring needs, to the end result of hosting students who are the perfect fit for our jobs, CIEE Recruit services exceed all expectations. We are extremely confident in the recruit staff and find this a no-hassle way to hire the very best qualified students. We have never been disappointed."

    Work & Travel Employer