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Open Your Doors to the World

Are you looking to bring an international dimension to your seasonal team? Thousands of U.S. employers like you appreciate the energy and excitement that CIEE Work & Travel USA participants bring to the workplace. Customers love it. So do employees!

Our students have invested themselves to get the most out of this unique experience. That commitment makes them great employees. They’re enthusiastic, eager to learn and make friends, and do well at their job. For them, working with you is a wonderful chance to gain a special perspective on life in America.

CIEE: Your Trusted Partner

The CIEE Work & Travel USA team is dedicated to making next season’s cultural exchange experience positive and productive, for you and the students you hire.

Our students come ready to contribute to your team. We thoroughly prepare them and support them throughout their stay. We take responsibility for their well-being, so that you may focus on providing a great work experience and meaningful cultural exchange.

CIEE stands ready to help you with the most in-depth, professional support in the industry. We’ve been doing this since the J-1 visa program was introduced in 1969. That’s decades of cultural exchange experience you can benefit from.

You can expect more from CIEE:

  • Expert, free hiring services tailored to your needs
  • Advice on hiring and employing exchange students
  • Attention to every detail, from visa paperwork to orientation and travel insurance
  • Direct involvement with your students
  • A sustained presence throughout the program
  • Knowledgeable, experienced support staff just a phone call away

CIEE can help you make a difference – in your workplace, your community, and the lives of young people.

What Employers are Saying

  • "Our domestic employees love it, because they have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. And the international students really get an opportunity to immerse themselves and learn about American culture."

    Work & Travel Employer

  • "Working with CIEE has been phenomenal; they really support the companies and they’ve supported me personally in the countries that I’ve traveled to with them. They have our best interests and the students’ best interests at heart."

    Work & Travel Employer