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Any city that sits as close to the Mediterranean as Alicante does is bound to have a culinary traditional built upon gifts from the sea. Enter Arròs a banda. The dish is said to come from local fishermen who would cook a variety of fish with potatoes and onions in a fish broth seasoned with saffron, paprika, bay leaves, and garlic. The fish and potatoes are removed from the broth to make way for bomba rice. (Bomba rice comes from the Valencia region of Spain and absorbs more liquid than normal long grain rice.) The plump and juicy rice is served alongside the fish.

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Horchata de chufas was introduced to Alicante by the Moors centuries ago, and it remains a popular drink in Alicante today. This sweet, aromatic, and refreshing drink is made from mashed chufas or tiger nuts, similar to almond milk in the U.S. But chufas have a flavor all their own. The drink is generally served ice cold in the summer to combat the heat and like other nut-based milks, is renowned for its high nutritional content.

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Alicante is a beautiful seaside city, proudly perched on the Costa Blanca. Just a quick boat ride away is the islet of Tabarca – a small fishing village seemingly lost-in-time. The islet is home to less than 60 permanent residents, but a big draw for summer tourists who like to stroll its quaint streets and tour the gates of San Rafael and historic churches. The water surrounding the islet is part of a protected marine reserve, and through the crystal-clear waters you can see plenty – from lobsters and sea stars to loggerheads and groupers. The islet has also been declared a Special Protection Zone for Birds by the European Union.

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