First days in Spain

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Verónica P.

The students of the new course arrived two weeks ago and are still adapting to the change and living with the new families. During these days they have had an intensive cycle and their first exam!

But it wasn’t all about studying, they have made some tours to discover the most beautiful corners of the province, such as the historical heart of Alicante, where they walked through its streets and mingled with the people. During the visit to the city hall some students delighted us with their musical skills. 


In addition, the essential view of the famous Castle of Santa Barbara where they can not only learn a little more about the history of the city but also enjoy wonderful views of Alicante and its coast. During the weekend, CIEE Alicante made an express trip to the city of Elche and visited the Arab baths, the museum and the beautiful gardens.

We asked  them about the most surprising things of our culture and without a doubt the most unusual one is the meal schedule, most of them think that we had dinner too late!!